Wearable Wednesday Blindness

Laura Ashley’s new Bondage in a Bag collection from Macy’s!

This is extremely specific fetishwear me thinks.

It may or may not be what Martha Stewart makes her gardeners wear.

Well, parts of him are warm.

I pity the coat check attendant, I truly do.

Flamenco Duvet sounds like a very frisky pro-wrestler!it’s like her hand just disapears- like her fashion sense would have to.ok, this is just puzzling. I just don’t have words anymore. Photo credits: Vogue.com

Wearable Wednesday Blindness

Um. Ok, lets not judge too harshly. The Swinton could wear this to judge intergalactic tribunals or just crash mar mitzbahs.

Huh. Summer Ninja couture.

Well…. i see your pussy now and raise you with:’Leiden-chappen-hosen.

Perfect for that senior cruise post election, Hilary! For you or Bill.

Popping out for Melba toast and mink oil without the paparazzi.

Peewee Herman themed cocktail bar hostesses?

Photo credits: vogue.com