Burda 7198, 7071- Gaudy to a higher plain!

You know I love prints. Seriously, you knew that right? Well, this year my only real challenge I have given myself is to mix it up a bit. No more separates that match nothing- ok, when I combine it you still might not think it matches, but I’ll be happy! I plan to start small- like this Anna Sui:3fb76e853f78c6d9344ca8e1fabd6639

Then add more architectural feats- Preen 2012:


My first victims are 2 separates that I think work toward my goal- Burda 7071 and 7198- lets see if they look anything like the drawings after I get thru with them!

Burda collage

Ready for my changes and whines? I don’t actually have any whines. Another plan for 2014- ok, ok, maybe I planned a little more than I said……was to stop fearing Burda. I love the shapes and quirk of them, so I will sew more of them and learn their language. This is the husbands favorite photo spot for incliment weather- I endeavour to be as entertaining as an eclipse for him. sunset2


this is fully lined!

I love the shape of this jacket- the envelope makes it look a bit boxier, but I tapered it a little- not planning to wear it closed and I’m happier without all the bulk across the chest.sunset3

My top is a standard tunicy business with a lovely repeat to it. Fabricmart- you are my friend! I don’t like a button placket- it is just not me- but I do love buttons- so I randomly sewed a bunch down the faux placket for a little more texture. Look- a turtle! These shapes are very me- flowy, sheer and leggy-worthy.  I’ve been reading the Wardrobe Architecture series and my style icons surprised me a bit- this year I plan to try a hybrid of Dita Von Teese running errands meets Judy Dench- scarey, right? Style whiplash at its finest!


This is my baby steps toward Anna Sui- just you wait- by the end of the year it’s all this:


Got any brave and squirrelly ideas for your makes?

photo credits:Pattern review, meadhawg, style.com, pinterest.   All images remain the property of their original owners.