Burda 7078 and I a swirling, whirling summer frock


This last week has been a torture- I don’t know why- just maybe the prospect of 3 days off was making it feel like a 14 day week. But anyhoo- I was rarin’ to hit the sewingroom and stashbust and frolic and watch bad tv. Yes, much bad tv.  I girded my gaudy loins and dove into the Textile Hoarders Annex and pulled out a swirly, sheeny challis of awesomeness from Fabricmart. I set it up on a blind date with Burda 7078 and I think they got on very well! 7078

Perhaps no one was drawn to this pattern because of its slightly eclesiastical priestess vibe. By the way- ring my doorbell and we’ll greet you like this:


But when I saw the cover I instantly thought of Coco her cool elegant lifestyle in the tropical loft. – I’m trying to get some summer Mickeywear going. My print is so swirly and fun it needed a pattern that didn’t break it up too much- I liked my Luckycat bias bit so much I tried it again to highlight the bodices fun lines.


This dress went together so easily it was the best way to start a weekend of textile frolicing! I wore it to the Indian buffet and it also hides curry spills well. I’m thinking that after it’s first outing that the shoulders may be too wide on me and I should skinny them in a bit. Don’t worry- I was able to reach the paneer without any issues, but I’m getting a little ripple on either side- I think 1 more adjustment should do it.


I liked it a bit loose and flowy- I like a summer hovercraft you know! I skipped the side zip- the waist is high enough that I didn’t need it. Oh- for the record- I have a dress almost finished that ACTUALLY HAS A ZIPPER!!!  Yes, friends, I can put in a zipper- but like changing my own oil, I choose not to.

Ok, quick test! Which picture is me and which is a frozen dessert treat:





ice cream

Ok, thats it- Mr B and I are going for ice cream!


photo credits: pattern review, meadhawg. All images remain the property of the original owners.