Burda 7517 Late to the Party!

Summer flowy dress fever has hit me. While I trudge across the work parking lot begging my toes not to become lodged in the melty tarmac, I visualize myself in a cool, breezy area- ok, it’s Epcot. I transport myself to the International Gateway and pretend that the French Pavillions gelato area has replaced my desk. Nice, right? I’ve tried this in the cafeteria, but somehow the chicken fingers never turn into lovely finger sandwiches and fancy drinks. I’ve begged the lunch lady to use those little umbrellas I supplied her with in my drinks, but she is a dream killer cog in the machine. Sigh.


Well, if I can’t live it, I can dress it right? So I’m adding some summer flowiness to my work dresses- fitted but flowy. I’ve had Burda 7517 since……it wasn’t OOP. But never got around to it. Why? I don’t know. I love making darts- no sarcasm. I love making them. I think I read in Readers Digest that it was on the list of ‘Secret Serial Killer Proclivities’. Seriously-

1- like to squeeze kitty paw pads

2- watches too much reality tv

3- Likes to make darts- both fish eye and regular

4- keeps a severed head next to the frozen creamed chipped beef in their mothers deep freeze

It’s all making sense now, isn’t it. Yeah, you know.

Oh, enough about me. Lets talk about this little frock! 13 reviews on Pattern Review. Not exactly Vogue 1247 

but it’s more popular than the winceworthy Mccalls 6615:


These pics immediately make me think:

‘I got my knees a’flexin’, 

got my arms t-rexin’    Thank Andy Sandberg.

Hey Big4- lets stop trying to make calf camouflage a thing, ok? Don’t look all innocent with me- you know what I’m talking about- GUILTY!


Phew. I’m sorry you all had to look at that, but shame is really the only thing that holds us together as a society. Back to our pattern. I was getting  a little worried- no big girls have reviewed this one. Maybe that’s bad, but actually I like it and the husband does too. Of course, he loves blue. I’m not huge on blue on me, but it has such cool colors that I am, drawn to. Cool like neato, not like ‘cool’ colors. I’m still trying decide if I am a Type 2 or a Type 4……or just a Type Shallow. Anyhoo.

I got out the tripod again. Sigh. I will beat this camera, if it kills me. In the meantime I will just look dead.


I did not do View B- you know my feelings on self ties. I wore it belted to work, but really preferred the subtle shaping without it, so I took it in about 3 inches after my initial wear. This envelope doesn’t exactly promise a great fit- the reviews on PR made me give this a 2nd look.

It doesn’t flow like my summer fantasies and because the pups were imprisoned in the yard while Mr B shampooe’d their messes into oblivion, I took these pics inside. Forgive the gloom. No. It’s mood lighting, lets stay positive! Here we go- inching toward self-timer prowess!


This neckline is my friend. Well, during the cut out at least. a nicely darted neckline means I can skip my hollow chest alteration. I’m a little disappointed that my darts aren’t as crisp and defined as some of the reviews. But I’m not as defined as most of the reviewers! I liked how the shape ended up, I’m not sure why my skirt is not as columny as other reviews, but I’m good with it.


Side zip- why? I mean really- another over the head dress that doesn’t need and zipper. Does Talon have some sort of hold over the pattern industry? Even knit patterns feel the need to have a zipper. I may start a non-zipper movement. Erica Jong fans are you with me?


Sorry peeps- you don’t get full makeup on a sunday afternoon- I have to let the ground lay fallow at least once a week!


Hey! Almost all of me is in frame!!!

Gracious- I really look like my Mother in these pics- right down to the photo-taking dislike!


photo credits: Little me, Pattern Review. All images remain the property of their original owners.