The Trouble with Hitchcock

Hello, Alfred.

I love Hitchcock movies- I’m a huge Daphne DuMaurier and Patricia Highsmith fan. Recently during the Sew Weekly Hitchcock challenge I’ve discovered once again that  icey blonde in peril just isn’t my bailiwick!

I’m really more of a Thelma Ritter on a Grace Kelly set.

So that being said, I tried to rock a look that was more about mood than strict depiction. So please, be kind as I show you my latest crime.

I like to call this my Hong Kong vixen. Vixens can be chubby! I’m claiming it.

Once more I turn to Burda and 7949 came thru for me.  I’ve added a cap sleeve to keep my cheongsam feel going and made the collar more Mandarin than it featured on the pattern (I think it was a touch Lord Byron in styling)  and the rest- with minor adjustments for waist length -went right to plan. A Devious plan, of couse- just as Alfred would have done.

Am I not a creatureof refined mystery and ennui? If nothing else, I managed to depict vertigo rather well, I think!

Sunday morning adventures with Burda

I’m really loving this pattern- it’s been ‘pssting’ at me for a few weeks now and I happened to notice Mena’s next challenge on Sew Weekly hints at a Hitchcock theme. Hitchcock normally means suicide blondes and fabulous tailoring, but I also think exotic places, women with secrets and gorgeous head scarves.  So I’m thinking maybe a little oriental influence and a hint of retro.

Behold- my current  scheme:

Is it just me or does our model look a bit headachey from these stripes?  Well, this bit of pinned collar is all you get for now- I have a few alterations in mind- I’ve added cap sleeves to make it a little more cheongsam in the styling and took an inch off of the collar height- I still may round it down a bit to a more recognizable mandarin look. If this comes off well it will be a serious bargain coup! $1.99 a yard M’Liss City Signature Hong Kong- a major clearance price! I just love it and there are 2 yards left for a skirt maybe?  Perhaps and sassy tote bag? Oh that means more pattern shopping! Poor me!!!

Don’t worry- I do not stitch alone on this fine morning- my style consults, Liesl and Katze are supervising.

Happy sunday, everyone!

Burda 7695 Baby Doll Beginnings

Well, I’m onto another pretty thing! I saw this lovely dress on Pattern Review and thought, ‘Hmmm,  that is Annelicious,’  the highest score this judge can offer!  I’m becoming a huge fan of Burda patterns- their website is fun, the designs are really frisky and all so undaunting. So I have chosen a challis in primrose- don’t believe the picture- the lighting would have you believe I stitch by candle light like a Belgian nun. The color is very light, making the jacobean-ish pattern really pop.  While I’m declaring random fanhood-  I’m also a big fan of challis- it flows, it dances, it is soft and girly. Perfect for a babydoll dress, don’t you think?  This one has a small hurdle. The draw string waist detail works with 4 little buttonholes. My button hole foot is not my best friend. The relationship is more like someone I go down unnecessary aisles in Target to avoid- preferring to look at depillitaries than risk a time consuming hello.  We will have to improve our love for eachother if this is going to work.

 I love the idea of having a fabric stash and a huge file of patterns for when the muse alights on me, but it always leads to ‘Ok, if we could just run into the fabric store for a minute- I don’t have a zipper, covered button kit, feather weight interfacing, ran out of thread, broke the last needle, etc. ‘  This time is is a project at a standstill for want of a 12″ primrose zipper.  I decided to not immediately hitch up the buggy and ride into town- I will make the decorative pockets, face that button holer and make sleeves. Since this isn’t a Vogue pattern, I should be ok- no surprise ‘add back facing before inverted train or watch project descend into chaos’ instructions!

I am of course hoping for a final product like this: