Hey- Hey! I finished something!

Well, you know I’ve been a-sewing, but I ain’t been a-showing. This week- forgive me in advance- I’m a-showing two tops. Yes, two! Burda 6354 and Butterick 6594 have that blousey, large-lunch forgiving shape I love and lots of options for color blocking or just making the gaudiest print even more hard to look at. I of course chose the latter. 6354

As you will soon see, I attempted to stand as awkwardly as the models for comparison.

Thoughts?  I’ll make this again. Maybe a touch longer. My little Mary Todd Lincoln shoulders of course made me edit the neckline. I get hunchy, you knows? So after I put this on Ms Holloway and did some snipping, I ended up not needing the button closure loop at the back. It wouldn’t have saved me from a back seam tho- the waist detail peplum action goes from kidney to chole.


This fabric has been sitting. I have a very good friend out there who knows that I need to wear more springy tones and leave my browns alone, so this is sort of a muslin. Next time I’ll also add a bit more ease in the sleeves. Bell-ringing in my tower has given this little hunchback some powerful arms. You should hear me do Pink Floyd- it brings tears to the congregants.

want to see the front? Ok, full disclosure. My water company is feuding with he city over a sewer repair that they want us to pay for. So yesterday, on my day off- my water got cut off- because the city hadn’t ponied up. It was grim in the dachshund den, I tells you. I bathed like it was Jack London’s house in the Yukon. I heated all our ice cubes on the stove and gave myself what I shall forever think of as a penguin whore bath. Sorry for the visuals but I promised you no rose garden.  So no makeup was happening. Never fear- I used filters like the cool bloggin’ instabraggin’ gals do. This one is supposed to make my face look slimmer.


Ready for round 2? Still picturing a tepid ice cube frenzy in my kitchen? Stop it!! You make me blush!


When I first saw this pattern I thought- ‘yech- it’s Blossom! Grab the slouchy socks I’m gonna hurl’ but the shape looked like it could be very comfortable and oh what possibilities and look, the shoulders come pre-sloped!

Gentle reader, I made it. In a brown fabric! Of course. This one is definitely a weekend top. Comfy, mildly interesting and that’s about it. I used a bias tape for the neckline instead of a self facing. This pattern feels like a good way to use up ‘meh’ fabrics. I was concerned that it would be monster gathering in front and scream ‘fertile peasant’, but it’s not too hovery.

I swear on Debbie Reynolds gently used tap shoes- this is almost my last piece of brown stash fabric! Honest Intestine! I swear!

This next filter is a Kardashian favorite- nose contouring, sculpted eyebrow, engaging pout….

IMG_2526 (1)

photo credits: pattern review, little me.