Wearable Wednesday Christopher Kane

Fashions deadliest assassin- code name: Ribbon Candy!


A design brought to you by the Home Insulation Council- reminding you to only look for recycled materials in your attic insulation planning!


Shut up! My Grandmother made it! It matches the one the spare roll is wearing!

Thelma was getting to be such a bore at parties- she was totally obsessed with pictionary…..


This makes a better vacuum cleaner bag than a dress…did you scope the hoof covers yet?


Ardella is very concerned about whether or not the place she put her keys was really a pocket….



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Wearable Wednesday with Christopher Kane

Hmm- is this the Dylan’s Candy Bar challenge from Project Runway? Do I see chewing gum? hmm….How early do you start your seasonal decorating? Mr Kane started this week.Ahhh…it exfoliates you as you strut….Are those phone cords on her shoes? Is that a form of retro in our cordless age? That reminds me of a Laura Ashley flak jacket…is that bullet proof and lavender scented? Umm….just ….yuck. I can’t- huh? I think I see her spleen…Nice bow- I think a 2nd one wouldn’t hurt…. Now it’s your turn- give your best:

photo credits: style.com

Wearable Wednesday on advisement from the British Fashion Industry: Christopher Kane

The British Fashion Awards honored Christopher Kane with their ‘New Establishment Award’ this year so I thought that we should all take a look. From Spring 2012 RTW:

  I like the origami intricacies of the garments, but they can get a little snoozy as a collection- I guess I need rich textures or craziness to get my vote. I have seen too much!

Maybe if they let me touch them- the fabric looks fun to play with….

This makes me think of those pillows with the flower heads pressed between 2 pieces of chiffon…so Target Dorm room 2003…but oddly, I’m wanting it.

Vassar Girl Walk of Shame?

What do you think of all this genius? Do you feel it? If these bodices get more complicated, Vogue Patterns will hire him…

Photo credits: Style.com