Butterick 5707- Cuz it’s a Jolly Holiday with Annie!

You may know this already- I am a Disney dork. or Dorklet, if you prefer. During our annual pilgrimages to the Mouse Mecca, we always love- ok, I always love to eat at the Brown Derby and cruise on the Great Movie Ride. It combines my loves of old hollywood lore and Disney perfectly. I coo at the sight of movie props in the queue- like this carousel horse used in a particular movie I love ….carousel and then of course he MAJOR squealing starts when we get to his part of the ride: maryHad enough hints? This year the touring company of Mary Poppins is coming to Greenville and Mr B got tickets! Isn’t he the ginchiest? I am really blessed, I know. So I needed the perfect outfit that says Mary Poppins Glamour, right? I decided to go 1964 premiere red carpet instead of full-on suffragette…I did end up a little disappointed at the lack of theatre goers who rose to the occasion- Lord, I is tired of cowboy boots and mini skirts together. Sigh. I carried my foolish torch of theme alone.

Butterick 5707:5707Surprise, surprise- I couldn’t leave well enough alone and just follow instructions- I did my first frankenpattern- I like a full skirt (whether or not it likes me is irrelevant, doncha know) I pulled a separate retro pattern for a full crinoline lovin’ skirt. My only other change was that bow thing on the bodice just didn’t work out- so I ended up with the little cleavage mail slot for really no reason- not even the most intrepid pervert with a telescope could catch much flesh thru that porthole. Not even a tiny Indiana Jones could slide thru that opening successfully. I may widen it, or close it. I haven’t had the coin toss yet this morning.pop5Arrgh! My full length shots are a bit limited- my photog and I failed to notice the puppy pad in the corner- now THAT is photo bombing at its most basic! Once I got this all together, it felt like an awful lot of unrelieved color- I was concerned that if I put a doily on each elbow and one on my head, an old lady would try to put me by her fireplace as a divan for company. So I thought a little corsagy business would help. What do you think? I made it a separate piece in case I did want to go as a Davenport next Halloween without it. pop4No photo shoot is complete with out a little dachsie action, right? I mean, really- it is THEIR chair. IMG_2936Then there were two.IMG_2938But three is really best, don’t you think? I must say I love this, but I did have some fitting issues, as you can see- the sleeve style sort of baffled me at fitting time. I did not do the front gathers, as I was adding the full skirt, so I darted the back, but I think I need to go back and pull out a good bit of fullness under the arms- hopefully without ruining the shape. IMG_2918I really should have posed with a refrigerator, I am feeling very Betty Furness here. I read somewhere that she liked to flash her underpinnings at sock monkeys too. IMG_2923

photo credits: pattern review, google images,  meadhawg, allears.net

Vogue 1086 when I get around to it…..

So I seem to be deep in the sewing doldrums lately. I have so many little ideas and so many deserving patterns and pieces of fabric that I feel like I have reached an impasse and it’s easier to do nothing than to do something.  Lately I’ve been in the sewing room a lot. Sewing? Not so much.   It’s been more about myself and 3 dachshunds watching Nucky Thompson take on the world. I love some Nucky. Take that respectably, please!We did cut out Vogue 1086 tho. I saw ‘we’ because it was a team sport.I know what you are thinking- I should invest in some smaller pattern weights, but I already have these, so I make do.This explains why a childless couple owns a baby gate!

I found this pattern while hunting thru my bins for the one Frankenpuppy used and liked the shape as well. As a sundress it didn’t really excite me- I’m not such a huge fan of my upper arms flowing freely unclothed, but as an over dress I think it’s could be very Anniefied. Another plus is as an overdress I don’t have to raise that bunny releasing v-neck too much. Well, I just checked the DVR and I have several episodes of  Upstairs Downstairs to catch up on.  Maybe I’ll get some sewing in after that…….hate to rush these things.

photo credits: little me, pattern review, meadhawg

It’s Vintage so it’s ok….or, think Lucy, be Ethel…

The husband and I are going to see Pink Martini at the end of the month and while I’m not always an advocate of theme dressing- you’ll lose any scavenger hunt that asks you to find a snowman vest in my closet- I think a little vintage kitschy fabness is called for. I know, I know- I have stated my lack of warmth toward the Butterick beast, but I claim special dispensation- it’s a vintage reissue, so IT’S SUPPOSED TO LOOK DATED! Not just the usual ‘gee I feel ready to watch a Full House marathon in this’ I usually experience. I am embracing the datedness…..of 1947.

I chanel the great spirit of Vivian Vance to guide my dressing…… well, not really, I just look alot like Ethel Mertz in this dress. Luckilly my ‘Fred’ is very supportive- he thinks this dress is great.

I predict a lot of inappropriate events being scheduled for it.

‘Hey, I’m going to the Sams, why not put on that pretty blue dress and ride along’

‘eh..’  Well, supportive shouldn’t be poo-poo’d,  right? Katze is standing in for Lucy in our photo shoot- she has serious top hat envy, by the way.

Pattern Review seriousness:

This was so easy! I am thrilled with how easy my little toe-dip into the vintage pool was. I feel my courage growing. By mid-summer I just know I’ll be at Sams in full Louis IIIX splendour! Widen the aisles- here some Annie in her panniers!  Let them eat bulk packaged cake, say I!

Changes? I love this fabric, but it was a little heavy for self-lining, so I used a charmeuse and it was just fine. I also had to hand gather the skirt- which is good- I eased out alot of the fullness in the poochal area in favor of actually giving myself a fanny. A dream fullfilled- I have a tush in this dress! As you may have gathered, I am really pleased with myself. Here is some Pink Martini to dig while you create today!


photo credits: meadhawg, Butterick, google images. All images remain the property of their original owners.

I’ve looked at cloth from both sides now…

Over the weekend I bought- yes, I bought more fabric, I’m bad, so bad, I know it….guilty posts are for mondays, not sundays! Ok, sorry, back to my story….I bought this really cute cotton print that was $2.95 on sale. Hancock Fabrics seems to like to put their bolts out and not turn the fabrics so you can see the pretty side and I have now bought 2 things that I thought the wrong side was prettier than the front. The radiation batik was a wrong-sider. The front had all these micro-polkadots and was too busy for me- yes, there was a busier side! I know, can you believe it? I guess I’m just used to looking at backsides and finding the beauty!

So here’s my question- anyone out there purposely using the back sides of fabric because it’s just more fun? I’m thinking of using the front as my contrast on whatever this fabric says it wants to be.

Here’s the front:

Here’s the back- Katze’s, to be precise:

It’s not a whole heap different- maybe no one will notice- or maybe they will think that I didn’t notice. Hmm….Will the fabric police come for me? Is there any technical reason not to? Is it forbidden, like the Lambada?  

 So come on all of you educated Sewists- is there REALLY a right side and a wrong side if their is no nap? Can the wrong side be the right side?

photo credits: little me, google images

Wearable Wednesday says ‘Woof!’ to Zac Posen

This week I asked the Dachsies who they wanted to see for Wearable Wednesday. They took a meeting and returned with a unanimous decision: Zac Posen. They raved about his talent, his innovations, his incredible taste! Yes, he has a long-haired black and tan…..

He also designs some pretty frisky frocks- lets take a dachshund approved look:

I think Dita Von Teese’s pups might like Posen too- this is all feeling very 50’s Vogue-y Glam Auntie Mame-y. Which I love, but don’t have the life for! Oh, heck- I don’t even have the hangers for that life!

Oooh! Pockets- and you can fit a dog in each sleeve!  

So- tails up or down on this PreFall 2012 collection?

photo credits: Style.com, google images

The facade is up!

Simplicity 2180 rolls along-  even if Liesl is less than impressed. I have the waistband attached- I must not think about the bra that is needed to wear this dress without looking like one of those women my Mother is upset by- I’ll cross that cantilevered bridge when I come to it.  The front of the skirt is attached- but just the front. I imagine that the Vera Bradley wing of the Mayo Clinic has a lot of patients wearing similiar togs as they roam the halls. Yup, no backsies. But soon, soon. The elephant in the room can no longer be avoided. No, silly- Liesl is a dachshund- they are shorter. I mean it is time to start little me’s very first invisible zipper. Oh, the fraught nerves! The tension. I consulted the world wide web this morning and found lots of advise- also lots of things to help me avoid the zipper conundrum.  Such as this: Did you know Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall wore her Will and Kate wedding ensemble to the first day of Ascot? I admire your thrift and it was pretty, but Cammie- too soon!


 Ok, back to the scary zipper! I have resigned myself for my date with Coats and Clark destiny- tomorrow, as soon as I get home from  work- I will brace myself for the showdown in the sewingroom. For God, Country and a better looking finished project!