Style Envy….

Have you seen this??? Dita Von Teese has a collection coming out in October and it  is scrumptious!  Check Out the whole line:

Hey Instyle, I’m soo thankful that you are offering me 20% off, but that is still a wee bit high for the budget I have -based on my genteel poverty and high charity donation lifestyle! But I want this so bad (ly) !!Is it possible to make this- a pattern that I already have- Into Dita splendour? I want to wear it as a dress- I know this pattern has no waist seam, but maybe I could still use the top as a base?I’m totally on the look out for ideas and suggestions- I love how knowledgeable you all are and all ideas or contributions to the ‘Get Anne a Dita trench fund’ will be greatly appreciated!

photo credits:, pattern review

Inspiration Time!

Well, it’s happened as I knew it would. I’m down to the handsewing and little details on my fabulous apple green floral dress and now, like a regular at an all you can eat Chinese buffet- I am sniffing around other things- ready to grab new tongs and go!

So here is the divine Dita Von Teese at the Coachella festival- this dress keeps coming back to my mind- I think the print combination is too much fun. But will it’s sleek shirtdress styling turn Ethel Mertzy on my little caboose? Possibly. I consulted an expert on such things.

The husband. I approach brandishing the page from the New Yorker.

‘Sweetie,  what do you think of this dress that Dita Von Teese is wearing? Should I make something similiar?’

‘I will tell you this once, and please always remember: if Dita Von Teese is wearing it, not only do I approve, I demand that you enter the sewingroom forthwith.’

Yes, I married a man who says ‘forthwith’, didn’t you?  Poor guy, I know he is picturing more ‘Dita’s Opium Den Tour 2011’ than the music festival in a mud field, but hey, I will take to the sewingroom.

I’ll report back when this idea gets a little more formed. I’m thinking maybe 3 prints- possibly the M’Liss fabrics from Hancock Fabric. Appropriate I think- Dita is a dachsie loving gal and so is Ms Rawley. I think the three of us should get a cottage in the Hamptons this season. I’ll bring the magazines and twizzlers.

Perhaps this little number as  one:

What’cha think?

photo credits: UK Daily mail