Wearable Wednesday Dondup

Designers are faced with so many fiscal issues now. They must diversify! Dondup exemplifies this with their new KFC uniform collection:

Also designing the 2017 tour costumes for Kid Rock:

Parochial school uniforms for St Parsimmonious: 

Safety tip Ladies- store your wallet in the fly zipper area- then you can clutch it in public and look offputting to strangers:

Ms Winslow, our gym coach  was really effected by her Easter break trip to Tijuana.

Not one to make idle threats- Wandas mother told her if she didn’t pull those pants up she’d make her wear 2 pairs!

There is no happy medium in Dondup suit land:

Photo credits: vogue. Com

Wearable Wednesday Dondup

Emma- we are your parents and we love you, but you are out of control! How are we to believe that you were studying all night at Andrea’s when you come home wearing some strange bellhops uniform???


Herbert, I don’t like that Monica, she seems most surly. Are you certain she’s one of the right people?


Emma, I just spoke with The Phillips’ Russian housekeeper, Minka. There is no ‘Prance of the Pissed-off Proletariats’! Madame Veronne is going to be very angry if you don’t wear the dance costume she assigned you!


Oh lighten up, Lady! Come on Emma- lets go meet unsuitable boys down by the river!


And Headmistress Yvonne called- she said that she suspects you may be trying to leave school early and go to some seedy event. She claims she caught you stuffing your plaid uniform skirt in the library return slot!


What have you done to that wonderful little frock your Grandmother gave you???


Oh, Emma, Mummy and Daddy love you and we will never believe badly of you- we know you had nothing to do with that missing swan from the conservatory- you are our precious angel!!


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