Happy Easter!

Well, I haven’t done much sewing this week, I’ve been working on one of the Simplicity Leanne Marshall designs in a lovely mustardy floral. Lots of hand-sewing. Oy.

I was also very preoccupied getting ready for Bjorks annual egg hunt. If you don’t get there early, all the really good eggs are gone. You mustly end up with ones that she did herself – ‘Oh, they’re full of rainbows and smiles’ ..would it have killed her to hit the Russell Stover’s oulet?!

I hate to complain, but she sang sooo long that all of the really good unicorns were already taken and I ended up doing most of the hunt on foot. If you’ve ever tried to do an egg hunt on a unicorn not trained for polo, it’s really just not feasible. all the bending over off the side trips them out.

…and I mean, really, it’s not that I’m lazy, but ugh, half way thru some of the mothers came back looking for their eggs, someone should have really planned this better. My fav Betsey Johnson hoodie got totally scorched?!

  But it was fun, I mean, you know how these events can be. it’s nice that people all came out and sure some of the eggs were really just promotional copies of her older cds painted, but it was cool. Well, ok, it could have been better. I mean some people…I hate to bitch but some people really forget it’s about the kids and they get so aggressive over the whole thing.

I kind of felt bad for the families around her. But whatever, it’s all fun, right?  

photo credits: google images