Wearable Wednesday Edeline Lee


I’m wondering if this designer moonlights designing novelty waitress uniforms….this would be perfect for Nefertiti’s House of Riblets. For some reason that eye is just making me think fondly of Mr Snuffleupagus.ed2

This was commisioned for the girls at Vladamir’s Borscht Bucket

Remember that episode when Emma Peel hid in the modern art museum?ed4

Folk art or Rorschach test? Does it make the designer think about her mother…or Mr Snuffleupagus?


Ok, this Grecian business is totally out of left field- but I like it. I think its made out of a small countries flag- pole included.ed6

Oddly, this is my favorite, I wonder if in a lighter color you could see the awful bustal snowcone darts. I am quickly getting tired of these boots?! Did the model forget to shave or something?


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