Simplicity 2209- Burrito darts in the hot, hot sun…

Ah, me. I’m over summer. I’m having visions of capelets dance in my head. But baby, it’s the south. It’s hot! So hot! Right Maggie? Yup, it sure is. So more summer dresses, tho my heart just is no longer in it. Does anybody else feel like summer dresses lack texture after a few months? I want to touch tweed and pinwale. Maybe it’s just that it feels so wilted- like wearable dead foliage. Phew- thank Goodness for support hose, can I get an amen?I’ve been really admiring coveting all these sleek bodices with dart interest and fun details. Well, denial is a river that I cannot paddle, so to the Lisette I went. I love Lisette, you know that, right? I would stand under its window and play my boombox on 11 to get its attention.

The bodice of this one doesn’t really shake the earth when you look at the pattern cover, but it has a nifty ‘dart 1 side, fold burrito-like over do dart 2 …admire your origami abdominal’ bodice and I’ve been seeing so many similar styles that I just wanted to play too.  This had some fit issues for me. Ok, it’s more fitted than I had hoped for. I’d like more air between me and my synthetic fiber choice. I need to get better at FBAs- it’s  a work in progress for me- I end up having to add little darts to my armscyes on things like this to keep them from looking wonky. I think a better FBA would cure this. So I’m not very comfortable in  this dress, it might not see much wear. Do you hear that? A slightly uncomfortable Lisette? What on earth is that about?? I want to love you, but I’m not sure I can- I feel restrained in it. Thats not cool. Especially because the first wearing was at the Greenville Literacy Associations annual ‘Really big book sale’. My faithful husband came along, last year he noticed that some of those geriatric mystery fans could get really elbowy if they thought you were hovering in the Poirot longer than was decent. So he was running interference for me, edging in next to me so I could get more time at the tables while I scanned my list and checked my goodreads ap. This year he borrowed a wheelie grocery cart from his mother- claiming that the tote bags were unwieldy. Yes, right- he used that puppy like a cow catcher! ‘Hey, lady- drop that Raymond Chandler and my husband will stop crackin’ your ankles with this buggy!’So, I’m sure that you understand that Mr B was too busy assaulting the Dorothy L Sayers fans to take pics of little me in my new dress. He was a trooper- several people commented (not so politely, imagine!) on how spoiled I was- I’d find a   book and just blindly hold it up and he would cart it. Can I help it if he just really likes the cart organized? Of course not.So here I am in downtown Greenville for lunch following. Um, well, I don’t know why there is a bronze  wart hog/pig statue with a drool issue. But, hey- that’s where I’m posin’! This dress is perhaps not a keeper- it kept riding up suspiciously all day- I don’t know what that means…..I think it will go to the closet of shame for a bit until I can love it again. I’m not sure that me and sleeveless should join together. For some reason, cleavage is ok, but sleeveless feels NAKED! I know these pictures are not the best views of the dress and I guess that’s pretty telling- a new make that feels like it needs this much camouflage is probably a fail. I mean really, I have an anatomically correct wart hog in the pics to distract you from my lame dress. Tsk,tsk. Oh, and if you’re wondering about a book talley………..53….but it’s for charity!

photo credits: pattern review, meadhawg