Wearable Wednesday Emilio Pucci

Good news everyone! Puccis birthed their PreFall!

Oh yay smocking returns. Fine. I’ll look like a fancy jar lid cover for fashions sake.

Derek didn’t realize how late the pianist had kept him up! Now he had to do the Liberace walk of shame back to his hotel room.

Remember when Snuffalugapus got frosted tips and joined a boy band? Good times.

You know I’m always in the lookout for a perfectly accessorized interview ensemble. Thanks Pucci- nailed it!

Lord no, Hildy- it’s not too much. Now that you’ve removed the matching codpiece and gauntlets. He’ll love it!

I like a crotch pattern that screams ‘Swarm! Swarm!’

Wanda liked to give TSA a challenge.

Photo credits: vogue.com