It’s Vintage so it’s ok….or, think Lucy, be Ethel…

The husband and I are going to see Pink Martini at the end of the month and while I’m not always an advocate of theme dressing- you’ll lose any scavenger hunt that asks you to find a snowman vest in my closet- I think a little vintage kitschy fabness is called for. I know, I know- I have stated my lack of warmth toward the Butterick beast, but I claim special dispensation- it’s a vintage reissue, so IT’S SUPPOSED TO LOOK DATED! Not just the usual ‘gee I feel ready to watch a Full House marathon in this’ I usually experience. I am embracing the datedness…..of 1947.

I chanel the great spirit of Vivian Vance to guide my dressing…… well, not really, I just look alot like Ethel Mertz in this dress. Luckilly my ‘Fred’ is very supportive- he thinks this dress is great.

I predict a lot of inappropriate events being scheduled for it.

‘Hey, I’m going to the Sams, why not put on that pretty blue dress and ride along’

‘eh..’  Well, supportive shouldn’t be poo-poo’d,  right? Katze is standing in for Lucy in our photo shoot- she has serious top hat envy, by the way.

Pattern Review seriousness:

This was so easy! I am thrilled with how easy my little toe-dip into the vintage pool was. I feel my courage growing. By mid-summer I just know I’ll be at Sams in full Louis IIIX splendour! Widen the aisles- here some Annie in her panniers!  Let them eat bulk packaged cake, say I!

Changes? I love this fabric, but it was a little heavy for self-lining, so I used a charmeuse and it was just fine. I also had to hand gather the skirt- which is good- I eased out alot of the fullness in the poochal area in favor of actually giving myself a fanny. A dream fullfilled- I have a tush in this dress! As you may have gathered, I am really pleased with myself. Here is some Pink Martini to dig while you create today!

photo credits: meadhawg, Butterick, google images. All images remain the property of their original owners.

Get Mertz and Squirrel!

Do you see that long face? It  says it all. Bruderlein is tired of watching me wrestle with Simplicity 2180! The dress is technically  finished, but the strong urge to wad it up into a tiny, neat bundle and stuff up in a drawer in the attic  and pretend I never started it is very powerful!  This frisky tie back is just not  working on me! The back is wider than I am at the shoulders, so the tie back really has to be effective.  The real problem esthetically- other than my impressive display of little cutlets of back fat is that it  creates tiny wings at the side backs. Both distracting and unflattering- my favorite wardrobe combo!

Behold! The Floral Flying Squirrel!  

So I’m not giving  up, but the back has got to be altered and possible made more wind resistant. I’m just not sure what to do at this moment, tapering perhaps?   So stay tuned for more adventures of :

Ethel Mertz, Floral Flying Squirrel!