Wearable Wednesday Fausto Puglisi

Built in crotch doily for seated snacking!

Is this all one piece? Is it biker lingerie?

Fashion! For ‘Merkicans!

A lesser known storybook villain- Rufflestilskin! She owned a bed in a bag retail outlet. 

I’m afraid to tell you what the lace medallion repeat in this collection makes me think of. You’ll only question my upbringing. 

At last! A blouse that doesn’t bunch up around the pommel during my midnight dressage sessions!

This looks very scratchy. 

I don’t think she needs quite this many straps to support her undercarriage.

Fringe and scratchy lace? Did my mother make these? For the den bay windows?

I saw this on Cake Wrecks! It’s supposed to be fondant, but they used butter cream- what a riot!

3rd day post operative and Donna just stopped caring how she looked during walks to physical therapy.

Ugh- the space alien nether doily caught up to us!?

Photo credits: Vogue.com