Wearable Wednesday Fendi

Fendi baffles me. Do I hate it? Do I want to

Embrace the Pollyanna wears a moving blanket vibe?

-I’ve always thought that my purse needed it’s own purse.

I hear that in the very posh VIP lounges they provide jammies. Tho that may change since Gwyneth has been caught stealing them….

Upgrade me or I will jump!! I mean it!!

Fendi- you’re like a bad boyfriend- you keep sucking me in with little glimpses of charm.Then the pants come off.

This blouse combo has a high chafing rating. prove me wrong- denim is not lux. This looks like Mr Furly. Project Runway presents: Grannies Boudoir unconventional challenge! Best Oasis album cover ever! where’s my mace?! Photo credits: Vogue. Com

Wearable Wednesday Fendi

Be your own picnic!

The bridesmaids at the gingerbread mans wedding:

We have not been praying hard enough if this waistband is coming back. Who dropped the ball??

Mrs Patmore- the gamine years:

I want a tribble sensory trench!

Honoria does an awkward walk of shame in the Steinmarts Christmas tree skirt display area-

Well, we know what Kanya is wearing to the grocery this weekend…

Photo credits: vogue.com. All images remain the property of the original owners.

Wearable Wednesday Fendi

I think I saw her hanging over a market stall in China town. Not sure what I was supposed to buy….


Its the coffee filter/curtain challenge on Project Runway!


Is it a coat? Cape? Seat cover!


This looks so random, but I want the bag!


Whats your pick? furry snot wipe bracelet? Or stuffed animal carcass tote?


Hold the bus! I like this! Check out that collar business!


Psst- Mrs Fredricks, we know you are trying to bring Tippy into the  VIP lounge again, please Ma’am, no pets…..


Hmmm…..yeah, thats all I got.


I’m so close to a rant about these demented willow model poses- feel free to tell me your thoughts on it-


Dammit- I can’t focus on my mockery with her hopping around like a bratz doll in the matrix?!


‘Ok, so I’m at the gym and my trainer, Alf is like ‘Betty, I don’t think you are serious about your workouts-‘ and I’m all like ‘as if! Did you get the check?’ What nerve, who does he think he is?’



photo credits:style.com. All images remain the property of their original owners.