Friday thoughts that are Footloose

This week I saw this picture and thought…’Who is Julianne Hough? Isn’t she sort of dating Ryan Seacrest? Where did she come from? Where did he come from? Is he too old for her or is it ok because he has Dick Clark locked up in his Brentwood dungeon and is leaching his brylcreem scented life force from him slowly and plans to take over the galaxy and that’s so attractive to a girl looking for a father figure….’ ok, that was what I thought and it distracted me from her outfit which upon reflection I thought was really cute.

  One one hand it’s very classic and seems like the standard riff on menswear- ‘teehee, I’m wearing a jacket wih no pants’ but the cut and length make it very fem and not overwhelming on her.

What do you think? is this a winner or recycled hash like the movie she is starring in….

Does it make you forget your troubles, come on get happy on this friday morning?

By the by, last night I cut out a new Cynthia Rowley- lets hope I haven’t jinxed myself- seems like everytime I share a  plan I end up broiling in pattern defeat!