Wearable Wednesday Gucci

Ok, after last week I thought I was starting to understand ‘Resort’. Remember Truman Capotes Caligula Pool party? I miss classy events like that. Jodi Foster in Taxi Driver-…and the last in line was Madeline. Carlo was honored to be on the Popes private flight crew. Oh Lumiere! No!!!!Welcome to Little Nero’s. Would you like a booth or a table?I’m so sorry that your kabob was not to your liking, yes, we’ll comp your dessert. No. not even for Mickey. Miss Marple- the teen mysteries!Tarts! And vicars!Celebrities at the airport- they’re just like us!Milo, this is the 3rd time you’ve been late this week- Mrs Phillips is ready for her waxing!

Photo credits: Vogue.com

Wearable Wednesday…..Gucci

Am I allowed to critique Gucci? Do we dare? gu1Ding, ding! gu2Grr, grr! gu3Yes, I like these, yes, I do. gu4This belt is a little Department store Santa for me, but, ok…gu5Oh, flipper skirt! gu6If it’s cold enough for a blanket….gu7Oh, I like this pleaty action-gu8Favorite! Even if it doesn’t have leopard gloves….gu9I love this lace neckline-gu10I’m sold- how about you?

photo credits: style.com