Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone! On this glorious holiday we must take a break from rolling eggs, trying to get that plastic grass out of the vacuum cleaners brush roller, looking for leftover ham recipes and guiltfully clicking by Cecil B deMille Bible classics to watch Hoarders- to visit my favorite place!

Yes! The best Easter Island of all- Helena Bonhams pate. It never fails to dazzle and delight!

I only wish I loved her feet as much as I adore her head….

Why is she never at the Met Gala? Is Sarah Jessica Parker afraid?

If they made a tv show like supermarket sweep where I got 15 minutes in her closet with a shopping cart…..

 I so wish my stylish crazy was as potent as the Hel’ BC!?

Yeah, I’m not feeling like doing the hair today- bring me a horse halter wreath from Ascot, m’kay?

It’s like her hair always needs some sort of security blanket- it cannot be alone.

Safety first, lovelies!

This was a bit of a surprise-

Oh, to be a holiday atop these follicles!

Happy Easter to all!

Photo credits: Pinterest. 

An Easter Parade with Helena ‘Bonnet’ Carter


I love Easter, because you can get major amounts of chocolate in small pocket-sized quantities for discrete snacking. I’m still working on how to discretely nibble the ears of a 4 LB dark chocolate bunny while I work, but I will conquer that hurdle eventually. Perhaps a holster……hmm. I digress. I also love that Easter brings out the hats. Hats just aren’t worn enough anymore. So, I thought a little hat viewage would be a nice thing while we eat our peeps and such. The ‘Grievances proudly presents a post I like to think of as: Stuff on Helena Bonham Carters Head!!! Yay! Fanfair and confetti flair! Helena+Bonham+Carter+W+Magazine+Golden+Globe+qeUcod4qlJTx


Squeal- Look at that silly furry thing with ears! No, not him, on her head! Helena+Bonham+Carter+Tim+Burton+Helena+Bonham+GD-sF6VydqVx

While I was researching, it got to be sort of a ‘Where’s Waldo’ event. Sometimes I’d think there was something on her head, but it was really just her head. Helena+Bonham+Carter+QVC+Red+Carpet+Style+34j3CU5XYKBx

So tricky! I’m almost ashamed at how much I love a mini top hat. Helena+Bonham+Carter+Philips+British+Academy+GXa-_izWjQtx

No, Helena, don’t look regretful- I love this one! Helena+Bonham+Carter+Paloma+Faith+seen+attending+8KDzhwiGrNqx

I think this one dispenses little cinnamon bears!


I tease, but I truly do love her style- she is just amazing- when dressed up. Helena+Bonham+Carter+Jameson+Empire+Awards+KqTltch0pfdx

Top hat again! Oh, I burn with envy! Why can’t I wear these to work? Stupid rules! I could attach a headset phone to it and write it off! Helena+Bonham+Carter+Investitures+Buckingham+30Inke7tPfwx

Please tell me that an animatronic frog lives in this!!Helena+Bonham+Carter+Harry+Potter+Deathly+ggSuzvsRUQux

Your thoughts? Did she kill a flamenco dancer and claim this prize? Helena+Bonham+Carter+Eleventh+Annual+AFI+Awards+7RtV3qQOmZPx

-Feathers and velvet- I love you! I forgive you your foiblous footwear choices! Helena+Bonham+Carter+BAFTA+Britannia+Awards+OF1RskhEOyPx

I think this one is a drama in 2 parts! Helena+Bonham+Carter+83rd+Academy+Awards+Nominations+6IfiJmg0EK7x

Helena, you are so creative- you find the most attractive things to put on your head! My favorite attempts involve you trying to wear Colin Firth… Helena+Bonham+Carter+Weinstein+Company+DeLeon+EuxMZR9jEm4l

photo credits: zimbio, google images. All images remain the property of their original owners