Wearable Wednesday Ida Klamborn

The PTA will be sending Mrs Ellis a sternly worded letter about getting out of her vehicle at student drop off.

‘It was so easy- just hide in plain sight and act naturally.’- Iona Betz, professional star fish smuggler.

According to the Nerdist, the least attended cosplay event is Partridgecon- a weekend of Partridge family fan shenanigans!

Between seasons, lula paid her rent with a no brush can car wash venture she started with Agyness Dyn

Transgender models are so 2016- our model has gills!

Velvet and sorbet sounds luxurious, until you have to wear it….

I can’t laugh- I’ve gotten my dress caught in the car door too. Claps to her for soldiering on.

‘You’re welcome! I’m taking them all away!’

Photo credits: vogue.com