Wearable Wednesday Isabel Marant

Let’s set a mood, shall we?

These shoulders tucks can fit the entire daily calorie intake of one professional runway model! Fashion + function! Winner, winner tiny dinner!As if, Toni! I said I was wearing my IKEA wrap today- bitch!Turn Blue Heather- mines Benetton! So what if you haven’t finished shrink wrapping the model- we’ll crop the hose out later! Due to a severe waxing accident, Tiffany was forced to sit out the runway. I mean so like, the galleria was way packed- I couldn’t wedge myself into the Claire’s. It was bogus. Doy Erica- it was 2for 1 stud day- the food court was slammed with toasted surfers scarfing at full pitch. Whatever. Shut.Up. Marley- is that your mothers suede fringed bolero? You’re so tripendicular in that. I totally die of env. Do you have a clue Yardley? That is like granny wear to the max. Wear pink rollers and cruise the farmers market much? photo credits: Vogue.com

Wearable Wednesday Isabel Marant

I love a designer that makes ‘pop’ pieces. I can see alot of these being incorporated easilly into a wardobe. Of course it is easier the old fashioned way- stealing them from your cool indie-poet boyfriends closet… These  looks would all be excellent proof for your friends of any  rumored walk of shame from Johnny Depp’s Marmont suite…

I really like these pieces….and I must have the shoes.

Disclaimor: I am in no way implying that the Depp is short, I’m sure he’s just perfect.

photo credits: style.com