Wearable Wednesday J W Anderson

The last description I ever want to hear about my upper torso is ‘flappy, droopy and empty’….

There’s probably a hilarious story about the models feeding persimmon jam to some emus and then a stampede occurred and oh, well, you can imagine….

‘Finkle, party of 4? Welcome to O’Chans. The fitst Scottish Mandarin tapas buffet. Follow me to your table….’

Prince Valiant got really experimental during his gap year in Brussels. 

Eleanor knew how to hurt Vinnie- she stole his vintage seat covers and wore them on a date with a guy in a Kia.

A fox Jean jacket…oh no. 

Is her shirt caught on her- oh I just have no excuse for it at all. 

What is with these breastal coin nurses??? 

Scar face bedroom curtain homage-

Just tuck it in enough so she doesn’t trip- it’s fine, looks fine. 

Yeah, you should look sheepish Boyo!?

Photo credits: vogue.com

Wearable Wednesday J W Anderson

Ok,this is making me a little queasy. How about I focus on the grey boots in the front row- those are fabulous!


I think JW’s mom never got him the big box of crayons.


Now Missy- you march right back into the den and hang those drapes back up- you are sooo grounded!


Wanda’s movers are never getting their blankets back .


Squeak-squeak Squeak-squeak Squeak-squeak Squeak-squeak


Is that a whoopie cushion wristlet?


Fionas mother guarded her chastity with a drawstring and a symbolic screenprint.


Um, yeah……

jw8The models look like they are having trouble walking in the clothing- it does look sticky.


photo credits: style.com. All images remain the property of their original owner.

Wearable Wednesday J W Anderson



hmm- this looks like our model was half-heartedly tp’d. Shame on you, Beckham boys!


I’m sorry- she looks like a pancake fell on her from a great height.


Is that an extra sleeve wrapped around her neck?


Office wear for the attack dogtrainers?


The ugly placemat challenge?


photo credits: style.com. All images remain the property of their original owners.