Mccalls 6520- Less Harpers, more Bizarre.

McCalls 6520- possibly my worst fabric idea ever. See the cute little stripey one? With the shoulders that remind me of old baseball jersies? Thats the latest victim. I took a few liberties with it- I am not a huge fan of drawstring self-belts, so I thought I’d just thread a real belt thru there and feel good about it.The casing is alot wider in reality than on the dainty miss in the picture.  I also didn’t have one button that felt right with this fabric, so I used pearly snaps. By the by, none of the animals like me with a hammer. Oh, Katze- it’s ok!I was coerced into this novelty quilt fabric last year by an over-zealous friend and hadn’t thought of a thing to do with it- I didn’t want to break up the print and I think it risks going ‘housedress’ very easily, so it has languished in the textile hoarders closet for far too long. Just because you admire this: Doesn’t mean that you should wear this: Maybe I just wanted to have Wanda B with me all the time!Oh, the perils of sewing with quilty-cotton?! I know it’s a dirty word to some, but I can’t avoid a pretty print and in my neck of the woods, that is the best range of options. I’m not sure that I pulled it off this time.I’m warming to it, but I’m still not totally sold.  My husband assures me that I don’t look like Babe Ruth in a nightie. He’s very good that way. It is very comfortable and I enjoyed pulverizing snaps while watching Buffi get tossed off the Michael Korr’s show- Lord I was not fond of her work! Did anybody think that Sergei didn’t get enough love for that dress?

photo credits: pattern review, meadhawg

Burda- why ya gotta treat me so bad?

Burda and I have a special relationship. I have a favorite babydoll dress I wear all summer and ignore how my tuckus looks in, and evertime I trot it out I think, “Oh Burda, I love you, lets look for more patterns just like you!’ and then the horror starts. Burda treats me like the guys back in high school…… ‘Oh, mama, Burda isn’t bad- just misunderstood!’   Oh, honey no. Sometimes Burda is bad.  Grab a malted and hear my tale.

I’ve only seen this pattern reviewed with the long-sleeved version. I wanted something a little different and I wanted to use more of my foolish upholstery purchase of 2011, so I chose the other view. Thats when the party started.

    This is when Burda started to remind me of guys I’d known. They never want to tell you what they are thinking!!! Burda 7401 just didn’t want to talk feelings with me.

Once you have put the darts in the front side piece and the back side piece, they are never mentioned or shown again, so if the written instructions are as vague as a high school boy (they are) you end up relying on the faithless pictures to guide you. 

‘Meet me later, we’ll hang out’  Where, when???? Hey, will you call me???????

  I read the pattern, I reread the pattern, I lit candles, I wailed and gnashed my teeth. I searched online and everyone had the same issue- so  I pinned her up onto Twiggy and tried to piece it out. For some reason, I just couldn’t wrap my mind around the sleeve pieces having a dart in the front, a dart in the back and then a straight rectangle side panel separating them- distorting the shape in my mind. Am I crazy? I let Twiggy wear it for about a week and she didn’t give me any good advise.  I contemplated aggressive acts upon it- I wondered how well that fabric would look as a throw pillow- a kimono sleeved throw pillow. I even tried to make it jealous by talking to other patterns, but no, it would not share its innermost feelings with me.  It even cheated on me with other people! Pattern Review Ok, sure it was last year, but damn it, it still hurt!

Finally I just gave in and put that stupid side panel in and oh, look, it’s a little jacket- how fun, how cute! it’s a 2 day project turned into a week of stomping and fist shaking and questioning my sanity. Seriously, I need to be thankful that my life is so dramaless that THIS was the thing that kept me up at night. Thanks, Lord.

Photo shoot hijacked officially:

At that point I really felt that I was going to make it to the prom with this pattern, but no, that’s when I started to wonder about closure. No, not Dr Phil closures- the actual ones that keep my flesh covered. Ok, I read the instructions a 54th time. There are no instructions about closures! Are we to assume that gaudy bib necklace of old typewriter keys on the envelope is the only thing securing that top? On the back of the envelope I see a picture advising me to buy 2 snaps, but where they might best be sewn is up to the wearer.  ‘Snap discretion’ is the better part of valor, I suppose.  I gave it a little lapel fold and it felt a little less boxy. I like.

Welll, it is her chair.

photo credits: meadhawg, google images

Simplicity 3964 goes to the Vet…..

The skies are charcoal gray,
It’s a dreary downtown day,
But at the end of my 40 foot leash,Is my little friend Quiche.
Quiche La Poodle is her name
And having a good time on a crummy day is our game.
Quiche Quiche Lorraine
Quiche Quiche Lorraine
Everyday I take her out. Yea!
She runs around, she shouts out and barks, Yea!
Cause she’s a good doggie
She’s a sweet, sweet, sweet puppy! Arf Arf
And I know she’ll stick by me, Yea! Arf Arf
Oh no! Here comes a Great Dane
Drivin’ down the lane
Quiche, Quiche, Quiche come back here;
Don’t leave me.
I’ll go insane.
I’ll go insane.
How do you like that?
Has anybody seen a dog dyed dark green.
About two inches tall, with a strawberry blonde fall;
Sunglasses and a bonnet
and designer jeans with appliques on it?
The dog that brought me so much joy
Left me wallowing in pain.
Quiche Lorraine.
I’ll show her!
Do you see the key in my hand?
I’m gonna throw it in the lake.
Yea, you’ve been so rotten to me,
You take the cake.
I’m just gonna lock the door to your kennel,
and just you try and come back to me.
Yea, you’ll see.
Quiche Quiche Lorraine You mangy mutt.
Quiche Quiche Lorraine I’m talking about Quiche!
Quiche Quiche Lorraine Quiche Lorraine!

I’m not sure that you all deserve such  lovely action shots- these were no planned- I got into my posin’ mode and they got into their poopin’ mode. My timing was just perfect. Here we are in front of the vets office- post visit. The husband asked the receptionist if we could reweigh them after this. She wasn’t too amused. We bag our business of course- public service announcement- take only pictures leave no poop behind! Love your planet, etc., etc.  Back to serious sewista business! I’ve had this pattern for way too long, along with the wonderful inset material- that was a mystery make giveaway from Kat the bountiful (in so many ways) and I just wanted it to be a focus and this pattern screamed that. This little frock is also a first for me. I entered the world of pattern altering! My sweet pattern givin’ friend underestimated the size of these little hips (see, she’s sweet!) and I got to slash and reposition and tape to my- and the cats hearts content. I went from a 12 to an 18 and it worked! I’m probably not ready for a vintage pattern, but I did it! I also got to practice my curves and gathering-phew!~ I don’t think I’d make this one again tho, its exceptionally poofy- I still might pull the sides in a wee nip- and it’s a bit too unique to have too many of- ha! another pop piece! Unlike dachshunds- you should have many of those.

Katze made this forlorn face for the rest of the evening- getting her annual shots was just too much of a betrayal for her to look at us. She hunkered down under the sofa and deflated/sighed all evening. Sometimes you just can’t cheer a melancholy dachshund. Not even with the B-52’s…….

photo credits: meadhawg, lyrics compliments of the wonderful B-52’s!