Wearable Wednesday La Perla

This. This is hows 80’s Barbie made me think professional adults dressed. Bless her.

I for one did not know La Perla designed streetwear.

Ok, streetwear was a bad way to put it. Tho kind of accurate.

Without a ‘Jump Street’ program, the KGB was less successful in their infiltration of American high school proms.

Mom- this is Javier. We’re in love- with lapels!!!

My favorite coroner quote on CSI: Las Vegas…

‘That corpse is no back alley hooker- she’s wearing LA PERLA!’

Everyone in Houston society wondered when Dig Daddy would realize that Butch was clearing not his new wife Cosimas Nephew.

This screams Working Girl reboot. Which should NOT be a thing.

I’m so distracted by her double hip bone growth on her right side. Get a clutch purse- you can’t keep cab fare there!?

Modesty panel fail: Lace edition, but that Marlo Thomas- she just does not age!!!

Photo credits: Vogue.com