Wearable Wednesday Loewe

But how will I know you? There will be so many people at the depot….

‘Welcome to Mercilous Ming’s- home of the24 Oz mai tai, can I get you a table by the laser beam?’

Gaw- even her bodice wants to cover its face?!Uncle Dan loved those car seats- how could you!!!You only have 3 yards- ok, we’ll just piece it. Oh no- the chick incubator is down again, eh Wanda?So I was thinking Elton…..An aeorodynamic catwalk demands ones shoulder Pringle’s never be wider than their Outback rat flaps. I keep looking for a tiny Liza Minnelli to pop out of her skirt and sing Cabaret songs with Joel Grey….Ok, so just grab some of the pirate wench and witch costumes off the returns shelf and suit up- I can’t believe Erica called out on the hostess desk!?You could have told me your cat was lactose intolerant before I held her in my lap. Photo credits: Vogue.com

Wearable Wednesday Loewe

I think this was shown in a car wash-

Does anyone remember those ‘I ran into Tammy Faye Baker’ t-shirts? Still funny, I tells you.

When all else fails- slap some birds on those hips!

‘Sister Gruyere! Kindly remind the alter attendants that they have a cassock to wear under that!’Rhonda was the most accomplished shoplifter- no one knows how she steals whole hams so easily!

Is she being attacked by another shirt?Eeee! Florence it’s behind you! Run!! Raggedy Ann never said what happened to Andy-Alice- you are so brave in the face of full lace chafing-Photo credits: Vogue.com

Wearable Wednesday Loewe

You know nothing of job interviews- Jon SnowMy mom had a spider plant hanging in one of these.

Eunice has scoliosis.

Bethany refused to poison the environment by using dryer sheets.

Everyone was loathe to tell Alison that she had developed saddle bags over spring break. in an amusing incident, Erin’s favorite blouse was sucked into the escalator when she bent to retrieve her tic-tacs.This is every inside out placket I’ve ever tried. You can pleat to excess. I see your butterfly collar and raise you my Snail Collar!Fine Mom. I’ll wear a bra. Happy?This is usually how I find out a bra hook is dead- I get a never ending fabric chain like this coming out of the washer-Don’t judge me!Photo credits: Vogue.com

Wearable Wednesday Loewe

Erin was so worried about dropping her hanky and breaking a rib in the retrieval process that she tied on some spares. Clever girl!


They say dress for the job you want- Wanda picked gladiator.


Lois found the cat ashtray she’d made her step mom for mothers day in the bin behind the pool house. She didn’t say anything, but clearly she gave a message.


Huh, not all boucle is classy.


One more ‘is that you tinkling’ joke and I’m gonna bust some asses, she thought.


Not so much Klimt- more like Clumpt.


Alice spent the morning being backcombed offstage by members of the official Wool council representatives.


Do modelling contracts include chafing hazard pay?


photo credits: style.com. All images are the property of their original owners.

Wearable Wednesday Loewe

Today is really wednesday and I think I’d like a do-over! indulge me?
Ok, I like a hoodie, I admit it- a high fashion hoodie? Lizzy, this post is for you- l1

I hope this designer hasn’t been hiding from me- I really like these wonderfully impractical things! Look! Look! A model with a bra!! I was just mentally congratulating myself for finding a designer without so much crazy……formal sack race? ooh, pretty! The jacket behind her is much cooler from the back- I so need birds embroidered on all my togs now. For the record, I hate these sandals- they look toe crowding- and the ankle in this one looks about to go…..Am I odd to want a lacy hoodie? Is it too Amadala for me to carry off? Ok, maybe you can reach hoodie overkill- hoodie and peter pan collar seems like an unholy union. Hey, she has alien cheekbones! l8

Could you maintain model hostility in this collection? What do you think of laser cut leather hoodies and ankle turning sandals?

photo credits: style.com