Wearable Wednesday Low Classic

I feel a strong ‘making an entrance’ vibe here. But not in a necessarily good way.

‘Look- I know I’m early, but could you just check to see if my dry cleaning is ready?’

‘I have NEVER had to come in and sign Trevor out- what is the deal, Miss Owens?’

‘I received a call about my husband- I believe there were shenanigans-‘

‘Don’t touch anything until forensics signs off on it- the corpse is in the loo’

‘Welcome to David Byrnes All-Star Salute to David Bowie!’

‘Oh Edna- I didn’t hear you coming-‘‘is anyone missing a tire retread? It was under my volvo’‘yeah, me too’ Oh dear- I think this is a jumpsuit I actually like!

Dedication to pleating:Level 7

Photo credits: Vogue.com