Wearable Wednesday Markus Lupfer

Today we will be speaking directly to one of Marcus Lupfers models! Modelling is often a career passed down in families- our model is no exception- her great-grandmother was a print model for Beatrix Potter. Please meet Flop-Z.


I can’t believe I’m being interviewed for Womens Wear Daily!

Ahem, Flop-Z, it’s actually Wearable Wednesday.

Well, crap. Did the check at least clear? My agent is toast for this.

Can we discuss the collection a bit?

Fun sneakers, sullen models and ME. enough said.


Can we discuss the rich textures interplaying with basic, barren shapes-

I’m not in this picture. Whats to talk about- move on.

Ok, ok.

This is much better- I’m doing a much better job than the other so called model! Look at my RBF- perfection! No one does Resting Bunny Face like Flop-Z!


Oh, this brocade is so-

Hey! Look at me in this one! Look how thin my ears look- I am noted in the industry for my flawless ear-gap. No one can top my swagger in the ear-gap department. It’s also natural- not like that Kottentail show off who married a rapper.


This is a tough industry, how do you stay grounded?

I mentor other young models. These 2 on the right are very new- I had to gently tell one of them to put down her e-cig for the picture. Imagine!  One must give back to the industry- but not too much- these models can turn on you! I learned that from a certain wannabe that has obviously stolen my brow game.


Are the rumors of rivalries and model hazing true?

Sadly, yes- it happens all the time- I have to put upstarts in their place- Bitch got a hand full of Flop-Z’s personal good & plenty in this picture- she’d been squeezing my tail all shoot and I was not taking any more!


I can see why you are so popular in the industry- the camera loves you- may I ask- do you get whisker highlights?

This interview is over.


photo credits: style.com. All images remain the property of their original owner.