Wearable Wednesday Marianna Senchina

Parents, Faculty and honored guests! Welcome to this years Spring recital! The Enid Bainbridge School of Charm, Vocal and Baton is very excited to show you the class of 2018! First up is our valedictorian Pansy Ellis singing a medley of Roberta Flack and Janis Ian songs!


Brava! Next up is Ariel Payton and her flaming Baton performing to the theme from ‘Sweet Charity!’ Watch that scarf Ariel- you don’t want a repeat of the event from the preview!


Alice Whittier will now recite the Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner while demonstrating how to load and unload an assault rifle- lets hear it for Alice!


Barbara Cummings will now dance the Chacha ‘real smooth’ as the kids say to her brother Alec on his lute!


Tho just beginning her studies here, Keisha Tipton is more than accomplished at her musical saw and roller skating tango!


Is everyone ready for a treat? Eunice Wiley will now perform Send In the Clowns while wrestling a baby alligator! Don’t worry- Eunice is a pro and won’t miss a note! VBO_5666

So sad, Velveta Clark is unable to perform her selections from Hamilton! on the bassoon- but Pansy Ellis’s Mom insists its no trouble for her to perform another lovely selection for us- this time selections from Anne Morrow Lindbergh’s Gifts from the Sea.


What a talented bunch of young Ladies and we are so proud! Now for our finale- we’d love all of the alumni to join  us as Lula Preston honors our founder with a blues rendition of ’10 cents a dance!’ the original motto of our studio! VBO_5694

photo credits: Vogue.com