Help!! I’m at 15 days from vacation!

People who make announcements like that should just be slapped hard, right? I know, go ahead and picture it a few times in your head then lets get back to my problems. Ok? This is Darla- the fish killer from Finding Nemo.  The Husband will be Dr Sherman, of course. Now here is the rub. I am just not a crafty gal. So I call upon the talented web wonders I know (thats YOU!) to tell me know to get ‘RocknRoll Girl’ on a stupid purple shirt before my head explodes. I have the handwriting of a serial killer and no painting skills. I have trouble getting the syrup on the pancakes, so really, detailed work involving staining liquids is perhaps a bad idea. Any ideas?

In other more fun news, I went to Mary Jo’s! The grail of fabric stores in Gastonia North Carolina. Of course the moment I entered, the camera battery died. Isn’t that just the way? I feel like those people who claim that Big Foot or Bill Murray (very similiar, I hear) came to their house, took them miniature golfing and then they all skinny dipped with the Dalai Lama….yes, right, were are your pictures???? I swear, the camera died right when I wanted to take that picture of …oh, crap, you believe me, right? Of course you do.

Well, it was huge and my friends Barbara and Bonnie let me act like it was my first day out of prison- they let me wander and fondle to my hearts content. Psst- not to be too ugly, but it made my usual trips to Hancock feel a little like this: I’m sorry Kelly!!! I felt very silly- they are quilters*, so their haul was a good bit smaller in size than the 40 yards of assorted tacky that I was hauling about to cover my dainty fanny. The baskets provided were way small- I’ve got to get working on some ‘service dog vests for the dachshunds so they can work like pack animals in situations like this!

I now have many plans and schemes and I plan a cutting marathon as soon as I finish my Victory  Patterns Anouk which I love and I hope I am doing justice to! Have you seen Theresa’s? She has done 3 now and has been doing variations- so pretty!!!

*wordpress spell check changes ‘quilters‘ to ‘quitters’ but I defended your art!!!

photo credits: google images, little me