Wearable Wednesday Mary Katrantzou

Hmm- the body suit effect is not selling me. She looks like an extremely modest diety.


But it does have pockets! Perhaps for extra patches!


The center panel features ancient teddy bear safety tip runes!


That Betheny- always hinting at how many scout masters she’d been with?!


Oh, look- she’s having a sale!


Do not look behind the curtain!!!!!


Its like a snake tried to shrink wrap itself to her…..i miss the digital prints!


Please tell me this is lined- or the model deserves hazard pay.


Nic Cage was able to find Jimmy Hoffa and a trove of Nazi gold while wearing this dress.


photo credits: Style.com. All images remain the property of their original owners.

Wearable Wednesday with Mary Katranztou!

So here we are again- this time Kiera Knightly brought this designer up- with an intriguing gown last week from the Spring 2011RTW- but I don’t like Kiera Knightly, so no picture!  She is dead to me after remaking Pride and Prejudice. But I digress!

Mary Katranztou’s  work brings to mind porcelain, faberge and opulent collectibles and perhaps those fancy cotton quilted purses I see in the Hallmark….shall we?

Thank the Lord- someone else gets ankle baggies when they wear their tights with their inverted urn.

I like the bird sonogram effect:

if you twist the model in half- 3 smaller nested models roll out….

I too love never having to suck my stomache in, but dragging around the portable fan to show my frock to best advantage gets tiring.

My feeling is that I would love to run thru this designers studio with empty shopping bags and a cart- this fabric is so much fun, but I’m not sure if I need to look like a tiny hinged Russian Easter gift. Ok, well, maybe just a few times a year.

Photo Credits: Style.com