Wearable Wednesday- Maxime Simeon

Style.com says ‘slim silhouettes and graphic embellishments dominating’ is the rule of this collection. I’m almost willing to go on a harsh diet to wear some of these. Ok, I am actually eating cookies out of my desk drawer at this moment, but the feeling is still there.

I love the metallic mosaic work on these. It’s minimalist but still heavilly detailed- not heavy handed, tho.

 Almost an old-school video-game feel, but not silly, playful.

At last a designer with sleek, non-crazeball styling on the catwalk! Hurray! I’m not even scared of these women!  This one is a little stiff perhaps- but I think it’s the elfish model- she is not dominating her ensemble!  

OOH- me likee.

Well, are you ready to start cutting out squares and tacking them to your next project?

photo credits: Style.com