Mccalls 6565- the Dr Mccoy reboot

Do you remember the most unattractive blouse in the most slimy fabric of summer 2012? Well, just like JJ Abrams did with Dr Mccoy- I have done an upgrade.Yes, Lord, I am back to trying to save Mccalls 6565- I think i am the only crusader out to save the marsupial top! Great strides have been made- I ungathered the sleeve awnings, I released the hem to float freely with just a thread chain connecting it to the lining, I lessened the bust gathers (they looked angry, my friends) and I used a softer more pliable fabric- rayon challis. Behold!Mccalls 6565 is no longer the white whale of my sewing room- thru patience, challis and at last 4 episodes of Louie CK, I have conquered the ugly. I suppose technically I am the white whale of my sewing room, but anyhoo! Action shot! ….and the marsupials danced and sang together! …and they admired each others shoulder awnings. Fall visited Anderson for maybe an hour this week, so I got to layer at last!I’m really pleased with this little top. I’m trying not to think of all the other things I could have accomplished if I hadn’t spent so much time on it, but hey, the fun was in the effort on this one and who wants to admit that a little Mccalls pattern beat them? I know, don’t hang your arms in your pockets, it’s not ladylike! But it was only to accentuate the marsupial qualities! I swear! Improvement? I think so. EEK! Joy is restored to the hollodeck once more. I didn’t change the pattern very much-  so the last one tragically pictured above, should be considered a muslin, I suppose- it did get disposed of, it was just so unpleasant and oddly constricting! Almost like the Star Fleet uniforms from the first Star trek movie!  Oh scary! Oh vaguely inappropriate!  Is that phaser set on stun??Not everyone is amused, Jim! **the Pups are at the groomer this morning, Bruder will be looking very sharp for his photo spread tomorrow as he picks the 1st Pattern Pyramid Pile winner!

photo credits: meadhawg, pattern review, google images

Damn it Jim, I’m a Doctor, not a Marsupial……Mccalls 6565

My husband is so proud right now. Not of my sewista activities- the Star Trek reference of course.

Ok, back to my agenda. I seem to always sew the pattern everyone has made:

Or the pattern no one has made. Either way, this time I’m rocking a pouch area in the front. This spring fashion forecast calls for kangaroos and neons! 

I chose view D- little sleevelets and less pleating on areas that I surely do not need pleating. Seriously, I found it to be the most redeeming shape of all the options- if the model looks like she’s been gathering acorns at Karl Lagerfelds chalet, what would I look like in it?! I have inadvertently created my first – non-wearable muslin! This is it’s best view:This fabric has been with me for far too long- it’s serious polyester. It’s like the least breathable fabric on the planet. It repels natural fibers. But it was cheap and brightly colored and that is my downfall- it’s also what I’m hoping to be when I grow up.  Some issues to correct when I try again with a decent fabric:  the pattern called for self-facings, that ended below the bust and  lining material to complete the rest of it. A 2-toned lining! Hmm.  It doesn’t show, why do it? If I had more foresight, I’d have made the entire lining in just the lining material- 2 layers of this fabric is impervious to ironing, I’ve trimmed, I’ve clipped, I’ve summoned a priest, it will not lay flat- it is alive! Living Polyester- truly an oxymoron.  My other issue that is sort of fabric driven is the hem- it has that roll over effect and in a non-flowing fabric it just looks like I’m bunchy. The length is not so cool either- not really a top, too short to be a tunic, too sleazy to be a dress.Sleeves! I of course opted for sleeves- the upper arm cutlets always get camouflage when available. Ok, sleeves is a loose term- these turned out to really just be shoulder awnings. I can picture a tiny doorman lurking near my clavicles in case anyone fancy needs help finding my arm pit.

So after all this complaining, why am I still so enamored of this pattern?  I just really think that in the right fabric, this could be really cute and it was really fun to sew and it has pocket/pouches! So I am off to the closet of textile hoarding to get some good fabric and start over with my list of grievances and schemes.

photo credits: meadhawg, google images