Wearing Wednesday Miu Miu

Well, Miss Clancy, if you haven’t got a skirt of the appropriate length- we’ll just find you something from the post and found!

Just follow my lead-walk casually to the door and no one will see the bottle of schnapps in your purse!

June! I don’t care what you saw that Kardashian wearing- my girls wear shirts!

Mary Elizabeth if I turn around and you are making that disrespectful face again, so help me-

Ernestine! Have you been stuffing your binder again? Get back upstairs and put those socks away!

They call me ChaCha, because I’m the best dancer at St Bernadettes!

Roberta! Where is your pinafore???

Ok, there’s a pickle jar by the door- I’m taking up a collection to buy myself 6 yards of this material.

Photo credits: vogue.com