Wearable Wednesday Molly Goddard

More like Moldy Goddamn-

Do you make a POPPET Goody Proctor?????

Walk of Shame- Granny’s rumpus room edition:

All I can say is that my life is pretty plain-

I like watching the puddles gather raaaaaiiiiiinnnn!

I like the ‘insert bewbs here’ dotted lines. Blouses can be so challenging.

Last year during a TCM scavenger hunt, Rita successfully hid in Doris Days powder room for 4 hours!

Childhood therapy inducing flashback #973- nothing took me out of Halloween princess zone like having to wear a sensible coat while trick or treating. Sigh. 

Louise! Finish inflating your frock- the car is here!

At least her shoes match her- oh, just forget it. I’m out. 

Let’s thank Mary Pat for powering the entire venue with her solar paneled dress. Take a bow and have some aloe, Ma’am! 

Photo credits: Cogue.com