Simplicity 1939- my fashion influences being Cheryl Tiegs and Fred’s mother-in-law…..

First let me say I just love this dress- it makes me feel all kinds of girly and the bow neckline takes me back to that time where I thought that Cheryl Tiegs in her Sears ads was the height of glamour, sophistication and I just knew that if I ate the crusts on all of my sandwiches I would grow a bosom, feathered hair and  show the world what they were missing by  taking my 8 year old self for granted! Ah, my dreams haven’t changed much now that I think about it……

 Anyhoo- after the cheetah corduroy splendour frock I thought I should perhaps go in another direction, but the lure of the faux predator has lured me once more. My only concern is that I am 1 animal print dress short of completing the Mrs Slaghoople collection.

But is that really so wrong?  Shouldn’t I achieve at least one goal in life? Great, we’re agreed- thats good because I just bought 5 yards of animal print ultrasuede.

For the record, I would like to mention that I am not really fat, it is an optical illusion brought on by always posing with a miniature dachshund. Thanks, Liesl!