Wearable Wednesday Nehera

At last the universal need for a quilted pull over blazer has been met. We may adjourn.

Wanda was the manager of Papi Fundido now- but she was always ready to show off her multiple fajita serving skills.

Yvette- it can’t be that bad- come on out!

I stand humbly corrected. My bad Y.

Psst- Tony- that’s NOT your bag-

It’s Peggy’s vest.

There’s a lot going on back here- like an accountants office with an after hours lounge in the back room. Yeah- that doesn’t make sense either.

If Fiona weighed more- she’d sink into the shag and never be seen again!

huh- so if you have advanced thigh gap you can wear leather pants soundlessly. Well, now I understand the desire for it.

Dude!? I’m your intern Antigone. Mind if I vape?

Photo credits: Vogue.com