Pattern of the year voting makes me feel Beige…..

So I was really excited to see the patterns up for Pattern of The Year 2011 on Pattern Review. I admit that I was gidddy (yup ‘ddd’ giddy. It’s a higher level) at the idea that some of my reviews would get the little banner and I would feel special and elite!

Then  I saw the comments. I now feel sort of pedestrian in my tastes. ‘The patterns were boring’, ‘the patterns were all dresses’, ‘the patterns were things that only Anne liked’…..I’ve spent a year or so gathering basics and enjoying making Lisettes in fun fabrics and of course making the world safe for more faux animals as I eased myself back into the sewing pool and remembered lost skills and added new ones.   I’d like to say my pattern stash is full of intricate Japanese origami cantilevered artistry and when I walk thru an art gallery in my creations people try to bid on me. But um, no. I have a limited lifestyle. I wear scrubs to work and most of my socializing is about jeans and a frisky top. The Ihop is really not the place for a Daphne Guinness style retrospective!

Granted, I want to be that girl, I just can’t reconcile it to my reality yet! After I was over thinking that all of sewingdom thought I was lame for having all of these styleless patterns I thought about why I sew.

I need a creative outlet and I need clothes! I’m shallow and need new pretty, shiny objects all the time!!! You may not know this, but I am no size 4. I want the clothes I want in my size.

But mostly, the economy has made me much more aware of where my money goes and buying mass produced poorly made unlined garments is not as appealing as it was when I was young and foolish and didn’t mind disposable clothing.

 So I think my point is, if I can actually claim to have one-  it appears that we may be having another social shift. These patterns must be popular and oft-reviewed for a reason.

People used to sew by necessity, then it shifted to sewing to create art, now a lot of people seem to be sewing to take back the art of clothing and design and keep a ruthless industry at bay. This year I’ve seen some amazing things made out of curtains, bed spreads and fleecy dog beds. Ok, I made up the dog bed one- but if you feel like taking on the challenge- I will post your fido frock any time!

There is a happy medium here. Sewing for economy can also be sewing to show off your art. We can do both and some of my favorite bloggers do. So if your pattern isn’t on the list of nominations be happy- you are too avant-garde to be duplicated, but let me enjoy my little banner on my  review! I never won any awards in school- I was busy being surly and misunderstood.