Wearable Wednesday Paul & Joe

Come on Mr Furley- let’s hit the Regal Beagle!

Yay Chrissy! 3’s Company Reunion!Is she getting her rocks off? I’m sorry- that was poor.

Can we stop trying to make Archie Bunkers jacket a statement??Did they just throw clothing at the model?And then shoes?Is this the suit from Porter Waggoners 1974 lost luggage?I also am guilty of doing anything to wear my summer frocks before the temperature is appropriate….Oh, the things I’d do for this Mui Mui knockoff bathmat coat….Photo credits: Vogue.com

Wearable Wednesday Paul & Joe


I feel like this may be a runway walk of shame. It feels like these pieces go, but not as a plan. More of a ‘run out to get jerky at 3am’ kind of thing. BY the way, that was not a euphemism.


I like this jacket- and so did Buster Pointdexter….


Stop- jammie time.


Explain in comments, please: pj7

Huh. pj5

Aunt Fester?


Couldn’t you just take off the squirrel for a minute?


photo credits: Vogue Netherlands