Wearable Wednesday Peter Pilotto

When I heard there was an opening in the management training group- Edna ran straight from the pool!

I miss the Munsters.

I also miss the Addams Family. this is either my favorite sofa or my favorite trench- eithers fine.

These younger royals really can breathe life into a war memorial service.

This is a lovely dress, but all I see are her Bernstein Bear toes.

Remember when the Brady kids all performed in a talent show? Focus on that so the tassel doesn’t horrify you.

Stay away from the wood chipper, Eileen!!!

That’s some fancy Tupperware for storing your orange! Attention everyone! In case of inflight mishap- your steward isn’t can be used as a flotation device! Enjoy your flight! Photo credits: Vogue.com

Wearable Wednesday- Peter Pilotto

Take a seat, get a beverage and prepare yourself for some whiplash. You can get whiplash from cocking your head to the side too hard, can’t you? We shall soon find out.

A lot of Pink Floyd was playing in the atellier, me thinks.

Nothing sets a mood like wearing a lava lamp. I have this next one, but mines a lamp I got at an estate sale.

I like this- because I’ve always wanted to see the inside of a robot muppet.

I have been flippant, but I do see so much good in the lines and fabrics of this design duo- I’m just not Daphne GUinness enough to carry these off.

When Gaga takes over the planet- this is what the police will wear…and perhaps the ski team:

One more for good measure:

What do you think? Other than you have an overwhelming desire to play “Dark Side of the Moon’ now….

photo credits: stylecom