Wearable Wednesday Pushbutton

Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear.  A Bear with a low self image who not so secretly wore a slenderizing corset and only ate honey at home alone with the blinds drawn.


Grannie was very upset when she arrived at the Catskills and found her favorite evening suit missing- but she refused to ever wear it again.


Eric closed his eyes and desperately tried to contact his inner pirate poet.


Laura knew there would be big changes to the pit crew once Crash’s widow took over- but she didn’t expect it to involve new uniforms.


After recutting the sleeves 10 times to satisfy the designer, Wanda was just able to squeeze out a matching breech cloth.


Gregory prided himself on the knowledge that the other secretaries thought of him as one of the girls.


Damn it, Chloe- you were supposed to be helping Fleur with her top- we are in so much trouble!


Sadly, by the time Edna reached the end of the catwalk she was one giant lightening rod of static cling.


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