Wearable Wednesday Rodarte

Hayfever Wedding Edition!

Maybe I could just rip off a flower or two and reposition them over my…..no? Are you sure? Maybe I could have some eye brows?  It won’t delay the show but a moment….


Get I get a Fanning sister? I need a Fanning sister pronto!


No Cecil I haven’t forgotten anything- I have my foliage in place, right?


This is for the big action scene in ‘Wallis Simpson- from Baltimore to Balmoral in 4 humps’ – she whips off her capelet and fights for more jewelry….


Old men everywhere are feeling justified by their suspender/belt combos today- obviously 1 belt just isn’t enough for some waists!


Oh you crazy sisters ruin the coolest fabrics!



Obviously our runway was a cat free zone.


I love this skirt as much as it would hate me…


The new Dorothy Lamour prom collection-


After dismissing the press people, the Mulleavy sisters and High Priestess Anna Wintour lead their last model to the baby’s breath and diet coke anointed altar for a sacrifice to the catwalk gods….


photo credits: vogue.com

Wearable Wednesday….Rodarte

I love Rodarte. If I ever have my fantasy fashion slumber party, I would put these two ladies between Zac Posen and Lady Becks, just to see who got their bra frozen first.For my guest shot on Game of Thrones I will wear this-I want Rhonda to do a full Saturday Sleeve episode on this one for me- who’s signing my petition? OOOH!!! We need a shoe intervention…STAT! These clompers are hurting my soul!

Ring Toss wear  for Bikers? Insert your own thought here- I’m overwhelmed….

This is what Thors date wore to Homecoming:This is textural to the point of scratchy…Your thoughts on texture and slumber party hazing?

photo credits: style.com

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