Wearable Wednesday Rodarte

So Billy Idol invites you to his 5th wedding- what to wear you ask?


Eileen wondered if her home owners insurance covered injury resulting from her partygoers confusing her for a piñata.


This is disturbing.


Alice was so shy, she found the perfect way to avoid strangers at parties- hide in the loo dressed as the spare roll.


You can do it Betsy! Just 4 more steps and it won’t matter if your skirt falls all the way down!


No flies on Daphne and her crocheted  thigh gap is on point.


Louise washed up on the shore remembering nothing,but clutching her favorite yellow highlighter.


Did she just catch the golden snitch???


Why? Why is this my favorite? it looks like Cate Blanchett and Katherine Hepburn in a cage match!



photo credits: Vogue.com

Wearable Wednesday Rodarte

Hayfever Wedding Edition!

Maybe I could just rip off a flower or two and reposition them over my…..no? Are you sure? Maybe I could have some eye brows?  It won’t delay the show but a moment….


Get I get a Fanning sister? I need a Fanning sister pronto!


No Cecil I haven’t forgotten anything- I have my foliage in place, right?


This is for the big action scene in ‘Wallis Simpson- from Baltimore to Balmoral in 4 humps’ – she whips off her capelet and fights for more jewelry….


Old men everywhere are feeling justified by their suspender/belt combos today- obviously 1 belt just isn’t enough for some waists!


Oh you crazy sisters ruin the coolest fabrics!



Obviously our runway was a cat free zone.


I love this skirt as much as it would hate me…


The new Dorothy Lamour prom collection-


After dismissing the press people, the Mulleavy sisters and High Priestess Anna Wintour lead their last model to the baby’s breath and diet coke anointed altar for a sacrifice to the catwalk gods….


photo credits: vogue.com

Wearable Wednesday….Rodarte

I love Rodarte. If I ever have my fantasy fashion slumber party, I would put these two ladies between Zac Posen and Lady Becks, just to see who got their bra frozen first.For my guest shot on Game of Thrones I will wear this-I want Rhonda to do a full Saturday Sleeve episode on this one for me- who’s signing my petition? OOOH!!! We need a shoe intervention…STAT! These clompers are hurting my soul!

Ring Toss wear  for Bikers? Insert your own thought here- I’m overwhelmed….

This is what Thors date wore to Homecoming:This is textural to the point of scratchy…Your thoughts on texture and slumber party hazing?

photo credits: style.com

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