Vogue 1312- and lots of thank yous!

This dress just really didn’t do it for me…..until of course the online sisterhood of amazing talent kicked in and I saw it for all of it’s origami whatsit skirt glory! Graca sent me  her spare copy-Sweetie! – and I swore I would do the pose- perhaps not as well as some have…..Pattern Review!  Whee! I’m to9tally gettin’ my Stevie Nicks on here…..Yes, those are pink engineer boots and a Crystal Mickey Mouse necklace. You’ve come to expect class here at the ‘Grievances, I gives it to ya!

Well, I’m loving it now. It did present a challenge for me fabricwise. It doesn’t need much embellishment- oh horror, it really calls for a solid to let those fab panty fort-making corners be the show piece. Hey, I tried, I did. I almost used a solid! Alert the media! Ok, here’s the pose:Hmm….did you hear something? Well, will wonders never cease! Let’s move on shall we? Now this dress is a wonder. By the time I got to the hem, I was in a Yoda state. I was feeling so smart- it made me think back to this post from Lizabout noisy koala sex ok, I thought about that alot too, but no, the real issue was, ‘have I been believing that Vogue was really hard for no reason?’ My Vogue phobia is well documented, but I’ve had greater tragedies with other Big4s than with Vogue- why am I clinging to Vogue fear? Maybe there just isn’t a Vogueapocalypse?!

Let me share. I got the bodice together and the top portion of the skirt stitched on and in a try on mode. I wandered the house checking the daily dachshund damage and the husband raved about the dress. Then I told him it wasn’t done. He liked it in the half-down, pointy figure skating girl stage. Sorry!

Oh, Graca, thank  you!   I can’t gush enough about how cool, generous and kind the sewing world is to each other . It seems like sweet people are always doing things for each other.I feel so accepted.  This week I got another prezzie, too! Lizzy sent me 2 pieces of gorgeous whimsical dachsie fabric! I will have a seperate post about that- it is even cuter than many koalas having sex?! Yes, I know, it  boggles the mind! Just you wait!

photo credits: Pattern review, meadhawg