Simplicity 2025 meets the Sui

I started back to sewing for me about 3 years ago, after mostly sewing scrub caps and doll clothes and selling them on evilbay for years. My me sewing years before had  mostly been post-Home Ec budgety stuff that had all the style of….ok, I wasn’t the stylish beastie you see now, ‘nouff said. 2025

This pattern was one of the first I bought 3 years ago- it looked easy, it looked reasonably stylish and from what retail was telling me, it was sack-like  enough that I was entitled to it. Perhaps this is why I wasn’t over-upset when I read all the blogs this week discussing the lack of decent fit in the big4 patterns.border1

I’m a big girl. I know this. I wasn’t always, but I am now. I’m almost cool with it. Until I go into a chain retail store and hop around from rack to rack looking for my size like a needle in a fat stack. Finally in a dim recessed corner I find the size that I am currently- it’s boxy, it’s shapeless and if I’m lucky, it isn’t also doubling as maternity. I’ve let retail convince me that I don’t belong in anything else. Like the sight of fabric skimming too close to my hips would bring the villagers with torches and they would run me to the belltower to live alone, where only my cartoon rat companions have to look at my hideous form. Ok, it’s not that bad- it even sounds like I’m headed for a musical number.  border3

So this week I’ve been asking myself why I’m not more bothered by the lack of fit and over-ease I find in the big4. Well, I have been comfortable with the semi-fit of the styles I have chosen. I like a sheer floaty thing. I like a loosely belted business. I guess I lead a pull on over the head lifestyle. I am just not Ms Button down. Tho Lord knows I have been told to button up!

So for me, the ease issue is not a huge one (joke, did you see it? Go back and read it again) but I totally understand what it means to others.  I know bad fit when I see it. There is a strong possibility that my Bond Girl name is Boxy Le Smut, but I know that when I make a dressier dress, I want the option of having it fit me- dare I say it- like it was made for me. So I’m really in agreement that the ‘design for a 6, grade up 3 sizes,grade  down 3 sizes-sell!’ is not good enough- and shameful coming from companies that we use to express our creativity, solve figure problems, and find custom chic from. It is time for the big4 to stop resting on it’s laurels and bring in more designers with modern eyes and stop just repackaging the 80’s for us.IMG_7542

Now, complaining aside, lets get down to my latest boxy creation. I am thinking about install a paypal button on the side of my blog so that you can send me donations to help cover the cost of these divine Dr Martens that would totally suit this Anna Sui fabric beautifully- don’t you think? Is it not wrong that I don’t have these? Wouldn’t the world be a better place if I had these? Yes, of course it would. 15000701

photo credits: Dr Martens, meadhawg, google images. All images remain the property of their original owners.

Logo my Eggo?

Ok, that was lame- but you know who isn’t? All of the amazing sewin’ folk who visited us to cast your vote on a log for the World Order of Sewcialists! We had a total of 191 votes. That’s wonderful! I know it doesn’t mean we had 191 individuals voting but it’s still nice to see that a lot of you voted multiple times. We appreciate you taking the time and hopefully making some new friends while you were at it.

Thanks to Make Magazine the winner will get: 

  • A 1 year subscription to Make magazine generously offered by our official sponsor Make

Thanks to individual donors (this is not coming from Make: Magazine), the winner will also receive:

  • A $100 cash prize
  • A custom ipad sleeve

I know you want to know who won. I am glad it was so hard for all of you to decide. That is a good thing to tell these awesome designers! They did such a good job it was hard for all of you to choose.

Winner: Joost
1st Runner up: Anne
2nd Runner up: Sabina
A big congratulations to Joost and all designers for their hard work.
What are you going to do with our new Sewcialists logo? First, head over to Joost’s site and choose your colors. Make it match your eyes! Or the cat! Or your favoriter pair of me made panties!  
Then what?
  • Put it on your blog
  • shave it into your husbands haircut for instant sewcialist street cred!
  • Put it on a jumper you made for the cat
  • Make an iron-on transfer and iron it on a t-shirt or a tote
  • Sketch it on your Trapper Keeper
  • Stencil it on your drum head
  • Deface local administration bulidings Ok, just proudly sport it in a civically-minded and responsible way.

The options are endless. What are you going to do with it?

Voting for Sewcialist Logo Starts!


Hey! Have you heard?  It’s time to vote on a Sewcialist Logo! We had 6 entries that met our design criteria – Now it’s your turn to pick your favourite! Goose flesh! I have Goose flesh! Please consider the following before you cast your vote:

We asked each designer to design an emblem that…

  • Relates to sewing and the social nature of sewcialists
  • Is modern, simple, recognizable and memorable
  • Is useable in black & white as well as in color

You can read the rest of the requirements on the site. On this site, you can also find the rest of the Jury Blogs. You are allowed one vote per jury blog. (The Jury itself will not be voting.)

When you vote on our blogs, please make your vote very clear, typing in the # of the entry and the designer’s name.

Included before each design is a portion of the designer’s cover letter to give you context.

Voting closes on May 8th at midnight Eastern time in the United States.

Entry #1- Bev- Here’s what she said about her design:

I chose my designs as a globe representing the world wide sewing community, needle and threads to represent sewing, threads of different colours to represent our differences and a computer mouse to represent our mode of communication. SewcialistSewcialist bw

Entry #2- Gareth- here’s what he said about his design:

I think that this design shows the close-knit (excuse the pun) nature of
Sewcialists. It places them within the circle created by the threads coming from the needles. I think this nicely sums up the idea of a community brought together by the hobby that they love.
Entry #3- Sabina- and her thoughts:
I basically wanted to keep the logo very simple and recognisable. Every sewcialist will at some point use a computer to communicate about their creations or engage with other sewcialists. Although there are lots of different hardware options to enable us to do this (smart phones, desk tops, tablets etc etc) I thought the world at large would be able to immediately recognise a standard laptop to represent how the online community interacts.The sewing machine in the middle was the obvious choice to represent what sewcialists do at the very heart of our creativity. It’s actually based on my Janome 525S machine! The dot and dash circle enclosing the logo represents to me the cutting lines on patterns!
sewcialist logo B&W no word sewcialist logo colour no word sewcialist logo final B&W sewcialist logo final
Entry #4- Joost- He says:

The design uses a button and bobbin to relate to sewing whereas the smiley face speech balloon relates to the social nature of sewcialists.

The button is slightly rotated. It makes it visually more pleasing and reminds us that sewcialists needn’t adhere to the stereotype of off-the-peg garments. The bobbin is half-filled with thread, indicating it’s being used. The friendly chatter that sewcialists engage in online is embodied in the form of a speech balloon/smiley face.

The emblem is simple in its design and its button and bobbin shapes breathe ‘sewing’. The combination of three basic elements makes it memorable, yet distinctive.

The black and white version at the bottom and the color version at the top prove that the logo ‘works’ regardless of colors.

But I don’t like the color!

You don’t have to. You may like the same dress pattern as another sewcialist, but that doesn’t mean you should make it in the same color, right?

The strength of the design is its shape. Only you can choose your prefect colors. So, pick your own colors and make this design your very own sewcialist emblem.

You can do so online at this address::


Entry #5- Dylan



Entry #6- Anne- She shares:

My design is a patchwork globe revolving on an axis which is represented by the dress form. The needle and thread which changes to a computer mouse representing the lines of communication going round the globe linking sewing and the social media.

My idea for this came from the inclusive and diverse nature of the sewcialist community represented by the patchwork pieces of the countries – linked by a common thread – our sewing and means of communication. My favourite author is Anne Tyler who wrote the book A Patchwork Planet so a bit of me. I also wanted to represent all sewers, the dress form for the garment sewers among us and the patchwork, yes you’ve guessed it! for the patchwork community.
The text around the outside gives a vintage feel – I think – to the design. I mention the word Sewcialist at the top and I felt we should aim high – with a bit of humour so a bit tongue in cheek with the proclamation that we will unite the world with our stitches.
emblem as vector (1)
emblem as vector2 (1)
Good luck to the designers! Wow- must be cool to have skills!
Tell us your favorite with a comment below, including the # of the entry and the designer’s name.
Wanna vote again? Head over to one of these Jury members blogs for more voting. (Remember, one vote per blog!)

Phew! All this news has worn me out! Newsboy_it1950

photo credits: google images, all images remain the property of their original creators.

Sometimes I feel like quite the Sewcialist…..


Sometimes while I recline on my velvet perch and survey my little kingdom of textiles and dachsies, I think to myself, ‘Is there anyone else out there like me?’ Of course this leads to many troubling questions about people stealing my favorite accessories and possibly wearing them better than I do, but that really isn’t possible, is it Bruderlein?DSC08017

No, of course not. But my heart does warm at the knowledge that all along the interwebs like little fireflies dance a world of tiny sewists who create and chat and share and hug and they are my favorite party……The Sewcialists. These are our peeps- our family of sparks that unites us and inspires us. People like Leila who came up with the brilliant name and organized us into a thing. A Beautiful thing. A Sewcial thing.Dial_vidthumb

What are we? Well, Sewcialists are people who enjoy sewing and using social media to engage with others who enjoy sewing too.

Now here is where it gets interesting! We have a little competition going on: As with all fine things, we need an emblem, a badge a flag to wave and proclaim us united! Want to be the amazing artiste who creates the emblem that the world will come to recognize as a defining moment in Sewcial history??? Ok, no pressure. Let me get your juices flowing with a list of the dandy prizes:

  • A 1 year subscription to Make magazine generously offered by our official sponsor Make
  • A $100 cash prize
  • A custom ipad sleeve
  • The lifelong adoration of the Sewcialist community! Think of the bragging rights! immortality!

 What the design competition for our emblem/badge/icon requires:

  • Relates to sewing and the social nature of sewcialists
  • Is modern, simple, recognizable and memorable
  • Is useable in black & white as well as in color

Deadline is Saturday 20th of April 2013 and submissions can be made to:


Just want to change the world with your vote? That’s cool, too!

April 24 until May 8: The jury members will open up general voting on the designs that made it to the final round.

  • Voting will happen via comments on the jury blog posts  (you can do it here! Come on, you love to comment! Don’t get shy now!)
  • Every sewcialist has one vote per jury-blog
  • One person can vote multiple times (as long as it’s on different jury-blogs) on different designs, or on the same design.

Hey, feel free to share this contest with your friends. It’s open to all. The fine print can be found at

photo credits: google images,, little me