I’m no Poster Child for Burda 7203


Recently I read a blog post where the sewist did a beautiful job on a beautiful dress, but it just didn’t suit her. She blogged it with pics and info and it was what I consider to be a great post.

You see, I like a cautionary tale. I am a cautionary tale. My size 4 hipless self does not exist. I am not the pattern envelope girl.  I’m always amazed if someone wants me to test their pattern- I am not the willowy swan posing by a fountain. I am the distracted chubby gal about to pass out from sucking in my stomache while my photog’ adjusts his canon to the ‘extra chins filter’.  I am the ‘well, we know what it looks like in THAT fabric’ girl. The ‘good try!’ girl. The blogger that people hit the ‘like’ button for because the struggle to find an honest compliment is just too hard that early in the morning without coffee!


Sometimes this bums  me- I want to be the one that all the fabric stores vie for- the one they promote and advise you to emulate. Ok, the one with the discount. It is really hard to be Laverne in a Shirley world.Penny_Marshall_Cindy_Williams_Laverne_and_Shirley_1976

I was really considering not blogging anymore, thinking that maybe magazines don’t featuring aging debutantes for a reason- no one wants to see that business!  But the post I described above really revitalized me. Here was a good sewist showing us her work even if it wouldn’t make it onto Woman’s Wear Daily- it educated, it informed and I thought she did a lovely job. I think she looked lovely. She is lovely. She didn’t blog it for a prize- she loves to sew and it shows. She knows the prize she gets- I forgot it. I forgot why I sew and why I share. SewGrateful3xl

So this week during Sew Grateful Week, I’d like to thank a blogger who inspires me and has a gorgeous wardrobe. Thanks Thornberry– you adorable redhead!

So ok, I may never be a network blogger, I’m not to all tastes and I’m not for all audiences, but I’m here and I have a new dress- so get ready!


My dress is in honor of the tail end of Blue February! I could have waited for the fictitious Marsupial March, but I want to show this bad, kangaroo Burda off NOW!  This is the 2nd Burda I have done that features the mysterious HUNCH DART!!! Yes, the perfect thing for sauntering about your belltower and kicking over gargoyles. A hunchdart. Why? I have no idea why you would want a lozenge shaped horizontal dart across your shoulder blades. Maybe a concealed opening for your wings to emerge from during moments of righteous indignation- like when people say they don’t like to read books- they wait for the movie or when people defend wearing their scrubs in public. Or a quick battery change ala Buzz Lightyear!


But just as a thing- just as a design detail?  If my back has a dip there so needing of a dart, I think I need more than Burda to help me. But I digress. You knew I would! 7203

I did the hunch dart and even duplicated it in the front a bit to keep my symmetry going. This dress was HUGE- boxy is a thing, I love boy, but this was ‘Ma’am- are you smuggling kittens under there? …Or a VW?’ but  all these crazy style lines and darty bits made for very easy altering. Now I can only fit kittens in its GINORMOUS front pocket.  It is one huge envelope. I lost my phone in here twice. I think if the opening were larger, Bruder and I would attend functions with him in it. A flattering look indeed.


I’m very pleased with this- It’s comfortable, work appropriate and has a little retro edge to it. Ok, sometimes I think I might look like a giant over mitt in it, but hey, I hear that is hot in Europe.


So did you enjoy Blue February? I’m loving these themes- I don’t wear much blue and it gave me a nice stretch of my interests. I’m not sure how Viking I can get, but, hey- I have married some trolls….. Present company excluded, Sweetie- don’t forget to use that chin filter! 11694448523_f999a6f3bf_z

photo credist- google images, meadhawg, little me, pattern review.All images remain the property of their original owners.