Simplicity 1783…Just what are you hiding in there?

‘I know you have the microfilm Trixie,’

‘You don’t have a thing on me, Paulo….’

“I know you’re aiding the resistance, and I know you’re irresistible….’

Trixie totally would have made it thru boardercheck with the microfilm, 2 filing cabinets full of classified info, 4 Von Trapp children and possibly Humphrey Bogart on her if she’d worn my latest creation.I love you Cynthia Rowley, but Simplicity pattern tech drawings have done you wrong. Unless I am totally missing something, the pleat center front on this adorable blouse is really not cool. Once more a waif on a cover does not make for Annie-fied elegance in reality. That pleat lays down like a dachshund on a sunporch in the picture. On me? It’s like an accordion during Lady of Spain?! It is open almost to the waist- laying flat in the picture of the model who is probably tired of being referred to as laying flat. I almost can’t see my feet- and you know how I love my shoes! Thats a crime! Is it as bad as I keep thinking or is it just from my angle? Everytime I looked down at it last evening it was spreading like a beach umbrella. I still like this blouse and I love the fabric as you all know. Lets focus on the parts I really like. It has a nice curve to the waist making it very girly and not bulky. I liked the look of the little shot of color on the long-sleeved view, so I changed my bands and facings to a contrast bias tape and I’m liking that quite a bit. What do you think? I also skipped the side zip- and still can get in and out of it easilly. But look at that spreading box pleat! Now once more I call upon the advise of the sagest counsels I like this blouse in theory, but what sort of redrafting, tacking, threatening should I do to make the pleat sit? Is it just a matter of stitching it closed higher? Will it lose the shape and line of Cynthia’s flat chested intentions? I feel like I have a giant napkin tucked in there. I think I lost some jellybeans in there earlier?! All this cobnstant blouse yanking is most unseemly!

photo credits: pattern review, meadhawg, google images