Houndstooth Anne wear & the Crane Fabric Winner!


I have a friend who likes a particular brand that shall remain nameless, but they are famous for what I think of as ‘old lady coordinates’. You know the ones? The pants slip on and are in muted plaids and have a matching blazer, a sweater vest, a long pleated Miss Marple skirt and a button down that features a matching embroidered collar. I worked in a ‘consignment shop’ long ago and these pieces filtered in and saddened many a geriatric shopper when we admitted that we did not have the rest of the grouping. Sigh…..soul crushing disappointment.
Where was I going with this? Oh, yes, I had a point. I’ve never been a really ‘collection’ buyer. Maybe I’ve spent too much time picking the clearance rack or maybe I just hate matching. Who knows, but now with my fabric usage plot-
‘NOW IS THE TIME! NOW IS THE DAY! CUT THAT CRAP OUT NOW!’ I can hear Scottie calling from the Sewing/Engine room: ‘We need more space, captain, I don’t think the closet will hold much longer!!!’
So rather than just randomly sewing pretties as I usually do,  I am trying to create pieces that work together. Ok, I’m sure all of you have been doing this with your sewing but I stumbled backward onto the idea.
‘Hey! When I turn this handle, water comes out! It’s the coolest thing!’ yup. Often I am late to discover things, but once on board, I always enjoy the ride. I just fear coordinates will make me look like I’m wearing a uniform. dasch

But, I present, the first, possibly the only……….Anne’s Houndstooth Hit Parade! (Insert fanfare, fling rose petals, generally make merry)

My timing was good- Sew Stylish made a whole article about ways to personalize the skirt pattern I used- including the fair Rhonda Buss- queen of tweedy splendidness! Also, as I’m sure you are aware- it is the hind-end of PINK APRIL!!!


I used 3 patterns to create this mess masterwork:
Simplicity 1467- the skirt
Simplicity 1592- the top
Simplicity 2455- the dress

3 patterns

The skirt is the same as Rhonda’s cover girl- well, plus a size or 3.


The top I have sewn before, but as  a quickie one off that didn’t even got a post- but I loved the neckline on it. I skipped the front seam and was experimenting with pleats and tucks and whatnot at the v. I wanted to just add a little detail so I did the yoke in the houndstooth and it gives off a tiny flight attendant look, perhaps, but over all i like it. See? I totally fear matching! Is that a thing? What do you call that? Ah- I have Conformaphobia!! ca2

Ok, the dress I didn’t change a bit- oh, wait- I did my usual zipper skipping and added 2 fish eye darts in the back. I’m hoping I’ll get more than a wear or 2 out of this before the South Carolina summer blisters me. No belt. It just wasn’t doing it for me.


By the way, I am actually wearing smoke pink tights- I can’t believe how well they blend! From now on I will say I am not pasty, I am smoke pink!


Gracious, do you know how happy these 3 pieces would make my Mother? Oh, how she longed to see me in adult clothing. I remember when I showed her the grey pinstripe wool and she looked at like I’d finally accepted a dare! I will be returning to these 3 patterns- I love the basic shapes and fit of them. You should go see that article- lots of goods ideas for variations!  That’s a lot of work for my tiny attention span! But by criminy, I used that fabric up- and I don’t think I look like the 2nd Mrs De Winter at all!


Oh, 1 more thing-


Nope, you are excluded- you are already a crane! With the help of my lovely assistant, the adorable Monica of Ripley, Ohio- who selected a random number of 1-28, we have a winner! Shelley hook me up with an address- you have some cranes coming to you!!!


photo credits: pattern review, meadhawg, google images, pinterest. All images remain the property of their original owners.