Simplicity Fall 8141

Simplicity 8141 has all of my favorite motifs: 3/4 sleeves, drapey business and a quick completion.

I should have filmed the event of me trying to lay out the gigantor pattern piece -with taped portion – on my sewing room floor! I was playing Twister with an invisible squid that cheats! I locked the pups out or it really would have been a party!
Last year I had this crazy idea that I should introduce some solid colors to the Annie closet of gaud. This crepe is from fabric Mart and its reverse worked really well for this. You hem 1 end on the right side, 1 hem on the wrong side then attach 1 shoulder and flip the front of like  you are surreptitiously wiping your nose on your hem in an elevator.

What? Everybody does it.

I overflipped or underflupped or something, I never could keep the reverse hem from showing. When sewing nears geometry, I just declare defeat and tuck it in.


This is the shorter length- I wasn’t quite stocked for the longer one- but I tried! The more you mess with this, the more it kind of turns and slides around into this ‘X’, but I do like it. I skipped the back seam and could stand to take the back in a tiny bit for my slopey shoulder fix-


I hope you envy my Milky Way necklace- I have a dork spouse- he buys me very cool things!

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