Wearable Wednesday Situationist

Happy American Thanksgiving everyone! Don’t look now, but I think Uncle Erik is going to suggest some mulled cider a dip in his hot tub.

Enid sweetie- We can’t find the grater- could you help us out?Hmm- something tells me Daphne is a white meat fan.

Gees Tilly- one word about the president and you’ve packed a plate and headed for your Prius in a huff!?I’m sorry Helene, I’m just not sure we have room for you to do your interpretive ‘Death of the flightless fowl’….oh, you’re wearing your costume under there…..Silvana, I see you brought your falcon….please get him off the deviled eggs. Well, usually Grandpa says grace Patsy, but if you really think it’ll make your new boyfriend feel more at home, Damian can bless the meal. photo credits: Vogue.com