Wearable Wednesday Stella Jean

Full disclosure- I love Stella Jean- the prints, the shapes. Me-ow!Tho I totally see Jared Leto in this one.I hope this is 1 piece- it’d make people crazy trying to keep the stripes matched.I’m getting an emo Paddingtom kind of feeling here-Yes please. As a sloped shouldered gal- I feel Enid’s pain here. Oh no- I just- no Stella, this is too Dr Denton!Ok- phew, we’re back on track. Crap- spoke too soon.No ones waist should ever be here. It’s just wrong. Gees, why do I find this so cute? It’s like Dude Ranch Hailey Mills!?This is Chanel rebellion in its best form!Welcome To Cactus Rapture- May I show you to a fitting room?I’m about to propose to this blouse and cheat on it with this skirt. Air Houston first class is indeed classy!This is very Queen LetiziaPhoto credits- vogue.com

Wearable Wednesday Stella Jean

Stella, my love for you is deep. Your mixed prints, your sass. Your femininity. I want to support this new interest in boxing, but…..

This is easy Ernestine! If you wear everything you plan to wear on vacation, no checked luggage fees!

Boxing pajamas? Are her feet longer than her head?

I’m sorry- her feet look like they are wearing crochet mallet cozies! I’ll take the cape.

This coat- it is an illustration from Maurice Sendaks unpublished Dante work.

This was made from recycled punching bags- does anyone want the attention drawn to wear that ruching is? I think not.

I was good until I saw her golfing gloves… but frisbee can take a toll on the manicure.

 Any thoughts on these boots? I’m feeling my Anna Sui giddiness….

This is the one Elle Fanning will buy and possibly even make precious. Possibly.

Photo credits: vogue.com

Wearable Wednesday Stella Jean

Ok, I know I have questionable taste- but can I have each of these pieces for my Russian peasant Southwest Cossack party?


Security photo taken right before Angela was arrested leaving Pottery Barn:


Little Cyndi Lauper was asked to leave St Bartholin’s girls choir, but she knew one day they’d all be sorry.


Why…..WHY do I not have a tassel sample skirt?????


Are her feet in quarentine? It takes a very unattractive shoe to distract from a gilded monkey fetus dickie. Yes, yes it does.


Look! her tie is tie-dyed…or is it her tye is tie-died or tied-died or….aw, screw it- look at the batik clown suit !


Agnes was only a pilgrim in the Thanksgiving pageant under protest. But I think the administration knew she was trying to send a message.


Behold! I am your High Priestess of the Arts and Crafts Aisle! Anoint me with puffy paint and throw googly eyes at my feet, slaves!


photo credits: style.com. All images remain the property of the original owners.